Part 5: Never Felt Before   

Bra walked slowly to her room. Though she still felt a little dizzy, it hadn't interrupted her plan for tonight—shopping as usual.  
Dad is probably helping Mom in the kitchen, she thought. They had just finished dinner and Bulma always "trapped" her husband in the kitchen, washing dishes. The Prince of the Saiyajins! But then, Bulma wasn't the only one who could do that. She was "Daddy's Little Girl," wasn't she?  

A smile crossed her face.  

Along the corridor, she passed Trunks' room on her right. The door was wide open, so she peeked in to see what was going on.  
To her surprise, Trunks was lying on his bed—sleeping? Probably exhausted because of work. His room was covered with business documents and sheets. Files were everywhere. On the floor, even on the bed.  
What a mess, Bra thought. She stepped in carefully without making a sound to wake up her brother. Shee! It smells too!  
While scanning Trunks' room, she hadn't found anything interesting until her eyes caught a photo album. She picked it up and began looking through it page by page.  
It was a photo album of her brother with Goten. Of course, they were with some other friends and relatives, too. But Goten and Trunks were on every single page. Playing, fighting, making faces, and other memories. Best friends for over twenty years. Even now. Bra was always a bit in awe of their friendship.  
She found herself focusing on one person, and not her brother, not green-skinned Piccolo, not even the perverted Kamesennin. Her eyes just hung upon Goten. She wasn't quite sure why. It was really confusing. She'd admired Goten for a long time, but not as much as she did now. Every time she saw Goten in a picture, her heart began to pound and her face went crimson.  
She was about to touch Goten's face when suddenly she heard a groan from behind her.  
"Bra! What are you doing in here?" Trunks demanded, half-asleep, but looking at her.  
Bra tried to think of an excuse. "Oh…I…er, nothing! I was just…cleaning your room!" That was not a good one.  
"YOU? CLEANING? Yeah, right!" Trunks rubbed his eyes and hopped from his bed and walked towards her. "What do you have there?"  
"This? Oh, it's your photo album that I haven't seen since…well, since forever!" Bra told him. She handed it to Trunks.  
"Great! Wow, I've been looking for this!" She sat back on his bed and opened it.  
"Well, if you ask me where I found it, I'll happily tell you it's been under your nose all this time!"  
Trunks ignored his nagging sister and continued to look through the album. Bra sat next to him and watched him look at the pictures. There was only silence for a couple of minutes.  
"You and Goten were really best friend, huh?" Bra asked.  
"Yeah…since we were little kids. Twenty years."  
"I know." Bra didn't realize she had rolled her eyes.  
"It's hard to keep a friendship that long."  
Bra nodded and silence fell again.  
There was one picture where Trunks and Marron about a year ago during Christmas that Bra didn't remember seeing.  
"Whoa, YOU and MARRON-CHAN?" Bra pointed to the picture.  
"Hey, it was just a pose, okay?" Trunks hurriedly skipped to the next page. "Oh, I remember this one." Trunks pointed to a picture of Goten and Paris together.  

Suddenly, the look on Bra's face changed.  

"Can you imagine a country girl like her would become a famous model?" Trunks shook his head in disbelief.  
"Goten really can change a person, can't he?"  
At first Bra kept quiet, then she slowly nodded. She was actually concentrating on the picture. Goten's arm was around Paris and their heads where against each other. They looked like they were long time lovers. A pang of jealously went through Bra. "I'm gonna go take a shower." She stood up and started to leave.  
"Don't you want to look at the rest of these?" Trunks asked her.  
Bra shook her head and hurried out of the room.  
"Weird," Trunks said to himself.  


Bra sighed heavily as she looked at the rising crescent moon from her window. Now she was really confused. Maybe she shouldn't go shopping tonight.  
Why did I…why do I feel so awful? she thought. Am I jealous? Jealous of her? How can I be? It's not like she stole my boyfriend or anything. Heh…this is silly. Bra patted her forehead, trying to sweep the images from her mind. What a stupid thing to think, she told herself.  

"Goten-kun…" The name escaped her lips again.  

And now she knew, but she didn't know how long she could keep it. This sort of feeling was entirely alien to her. It was a feeling she'd never felt before…  

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