Part 6: At the Son's  

Goten groaned. "What is it, Pan?" Goten twisted in the sofa for a better position to continue his sleep. 
"I need your help with my math!" 
"Ask your dad. He's the brainy one." His eyes were still closed. 
"But Tousan is busy right now!" 
"So ask your mom." 
"Okasan went out with Grandma!" Pan frowned. 
"Then, forget it." Goten covered his face with a pillow and began to snore, leaving Pan standing there, 
clenching her first and… 


The house shook because of Pan's loud voice and Goten immediately sprung up from where he lay. "Okay, okay! I'm up, I'm up!" He took the math book from Pan. "I'd appreciate it if you would call me 'Goten-jisan,' you know!" 
"Gomen…Goten-jisan, but I really need to finish my homework before tomorrow!" She sat down on the floor facing her uncle. But Goten was already concentrating on the work seriously for a couple minutes. Then he took the pen on the table and started to answer it. 
"Jisan." Pan frowned. 
"Hmm? What?" 
"You're supposed to TEACH me, not DO it for me." 
"Oh…sorry." Goten rubbed the answers away with liquid paper. "Give me a couple minutes, will ya? This sort of question is hard to explain." 
Pan sat quietly while staring at her uncle. "It's Saturday night," she started. 
"Hmm? Oh, yeah. So?" 
"So how come you're not going out with Paris-chan?" 
"Oh, well…she's, um, busy. Yeah, busy." 
"Sort of." He sighed. 
She was silent, then, "Don't you ever get tired?" 
"Tired of what?" 
"You know…waiting for her calls until midnight, then wait around HER schedule, and so on?" 
He looked up and shook his head. "Not really…no reason to get tired of it." 
"Ooookay," she hummed, looking at Goten. 
Goten looked back at the book, but this time he was just staring blankly. His mind was filled with Pan's unexpected question. Does he ever get tired? Does he ever get bored and feel like giving up everything? Of course he does! Why did he sleep on the couch except to wait for HER call? Why does he have to stand and wait for her after work every day? She's not that naïve country girl she was supposed to be anymore. Is she still the Paris he loved before and maybe until forever? He sighed. Maybe this is what they call Love. Willing to do anything. Willing to waste your time and money for the one you love and care for. And he does love Paris so much. He couldn't bear to live without her. 
He was looking forward to the day he would propose to her. But he thought he might want to wait a little bit longer and see what's going to happen in the near future. 

"Hey, Goten?" 
He blinked when someone tapped his shoulder. 
"Are you okay?" 
"Niisan…" Goten looked up at his brother. 
"You look tense!" Gohan told him. 
"No…I'm okay." He leaned back against the sofa. "I was just helping Pan with her—" 
"No, it's okay. Tousan will help me." 
"Hai," Gohan said and Goten sighed again. 
The door opened again. "We're back!" It was Videl and ChiChi, back from shopping. 
"Goten! You're here! But how come you're not—" 
Goten smiled at his mother. "I just feel like having dinner with my family, Okasan," he told her. 
"Oh…" ChiChi still looked a little confused. "Where's your father, then?" 
"Grandpa's still sleeping!" Pan answered as she helped her mother carry all the purchases to the kitchen. 
"Well, we don't have to wake him up. Dinner will be ready soon," ChiChi told them. 
"You don't have because he's already up!" Gohan pointed at the dining room table. 
Goku was ALL ready, freshened up with a napkin around his neck and a fork and knife in each hand, waiting impatiently for the promised dinner. "ChiChi! What are we having tonight?" He smiled widely at his wife. 
"Well, husband dear, we're having your HEAD, if you want to know!" she shot back, irritated. 
Everyone laughed, including Goten. The Sons have always been a happy family, despite the screaming and 
yelling that sometimes when on in that house. 
"I'm going to take a shower." Goten stood up and went to his room. 

In a few minutes, dinner was served nicely on the dining room table. The family sat down and enjoyed themselves with the delicious meal. Especially Goku, of course. 
"Goten, why aren't you going out with Paris-chan tonight?" ChiChi asked, trying to strike up a conversation with Goten. 
"She's just…" He sighed. "She's just busy, Okasan," he said. 
Silence filled the table. 
"Is everything okay with you two?" ChiChi asked curiously. 
At first he was quiet. Then he swallowed the food in his mouth and stared at the table. He shrugged. "I dunno, Okasan." He sighed again. "I dunno..." 

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