Part 10: A Day at School 

        It was two weeks after the big reunion.  It had been a BLAST.  They'd had so much fun that even Vegeta had 
tried to kill Goku by causing a huge tidal wave that scared the crap out of everyone.  Of course, he'd had to suffer through a lecture from his wife later. 

        The whole day had been unforgettable. 

        Bulma and ChiChi came up with an idea to visit each other more often.  Goku was thrilled about it, but Vegeta was not.  The plan was that the two women wouldn't be so lonely when their husbands went out sparring or whatever it was they did. Bra and Trunks were also happy about the arrangement.  They got to hang out with their friends more often, and no one would be lonely. 

        Bra sighed while staring at the falling Cherry Blossom, Sakura, outside her classroom window.  It's a good thing she sat so close to the window, so she could just ignore the teacher and daydream. 
        While she was enjoying the view, the girl next to her passed her a note.  She mouthed, "From Kaede." 

        Bra rolled her eyes and took the note after glancing at Kaede.  He winked at her. "Shee!" she snorted, 
unfolding the small paper and reading it.  The not said:  
Hey there, baby. 
How about you and me. 
Ya know, take a moonlight ride tonight and make up? 
        Bra shuddered. "Ugh!  Never, never, not in a million years!" she muttered.  She got out her red pen and 
wrote on the same paper.  The note made its way back across the classroom. 
        When Kaede finally got it, he looked at Bra, who winked at him.  Kaede grew excited and opened the note 
immediately.  He'd been hoping he could take Bra out.  His grin faded as he read it. 
"Go jump off a bridge and DIE!!!!!!!!!!" 
--A Not Very Interested Girl 
He crumpled the paper angrily while watching Bra giggled.  That's when the bell rang and class was 

        It was time to go home.  Bra stood in front of her locker, changed her shoes and other things she would need to take home with her.  But she wasn't alone.  Practically all her classmates were there, gathered around her. 
        "So, what did it say?" 
        "Is Kaede taking you out?" 
        "Bra, TELL US!" 
        "Don't tell us you ditched him!" 
        "Kaede is soooooooo…cute!  Just cute!" 
        They were babbling other nonsense, but Bra just ignored it.  She obviously couldn't use any kind of Ki power, unless she wanted to get kicked out of school.  Bra narrowed her eyes and looked at them. "Look, I don't have time for this.  Okay, he's cute, whatever.  I don't care, because I know this guy and he's just a BIG JERK!  He's just that kind of guy!  If I see him, I'll just want to kick his.." 
        "Say no more, Bra, cuz here he comes!" Merle cut her off, pointing at a group of guys walking towards them. 
 One was Kaede. 
        "Hey girls," greeted Kaede in his low-tone-voice-a.k.a.-Luke Perry, hoping to attract one or two?or more?of the girls. 
        "Hi Kaede…" All the girls replied together except Bra.  She rolled her eyes and looked back in her locker. 
        Kaede walked slowly over to her and pushed her locker closing it.  Bra backed away and looked at him 
straight in the eyes. "HEY!  I was doing something!  DO YOU MIND?" she demanded. 
        "Oh, yeah?  Like what?  Getting your cheap-whore makeup?" 
        The guys laughed.  Kaede grinned at them.  He wanted to tease her for awhile, maybe as payback for 
rejecting him in class. "No wonder you're always dumped by your boyfriends," he said. 
        Bra's eyes widened.  Sure, she'd been dumped by a couple of guys, but that was because they were all 
jackasses and were scared by her father.  And if they were such cowards, she was glad to be rid of them! 
        "Hey, you leave her alone!" Merle yelled at him. 
        "This isn't your fight!  Shut up, bitch!" 
        The girls' faces registered shock.  Kaede really was a baka?  Here they had admired him all this time, and 
Bra was right the whole time that he WAS a jerk! 
        Kaede smiled wickedly. "Oh, and have I mentioned that you're the most pathetic, most worthless BIMBO I've ever met?" he added, laughing. 
        Bra gritted her teeth.  A BIMBO?  That was the last straw.  She clenched her fist, trying to keep her temper and not use her Saiyajin strength on him.  Not that it would be that bad, but she still had to keep her temper.   She kept herself from doing anything physical, but couldn't help bursting out with the words, "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, KAEDE!!?" 
        The guys stiffened when Bra shouted.  They could feel a bad aura coming from her anger. "DON'T YOU HAVE 
ANYTHING ELSE TO DO?  OR…" She thought for a while, then smiled. "Or were you just totally hurt when I 
said no to your date?" 
        "Hahaha!  Kaede laughed out loud.  He didn't even try to hide it. "Me?  Hurt by YOU?" He laughed again. 

        Bra glared at him. 

        "I can find ANY GIRL to go out with me WHENEVER I want," he said proudly. "Unlike you…YOU don't even 
have a boyfriend!" 
        "Ugh?shut-UP!  You're acting like a girl!  And you know what?  I DO have a boyfriend," she lied.  She 
couldn't let him find out she didn't…she had to keep her pride, no matter what. 
        The girls were surprised.  They thought Bra was still single after that last breakup…when had she gotten another boyfriend? 
        "My boyfriend is TALLER than you, CUTER than you, STRONGER than you…in fact, he's just all-around BETTER than you in EVERYTHING!" she finished, taking a deep breath and thought about what she had just said. 
        At first, Kaede didn't react, then he began chuckling. "Yeah, right.  So, who is this boyfriend of yours?  Your dad maybe?  I didn't hear you naming any names!" His gang started laughing at that. 
        I have to keep my temper, she thought, forcing herself to calm down before he punched him in the face.  Clenching her fists, she thought fast how to answer his question.  She couldn't let anyone know she was bluffing, not in front of that JERK! 

        She blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Son Goten!" She stood back and smiled confidently. 
"My boyfriend is Son Goten." 

        "Nani?" Kaede exclaimed. 
        "Goten," she repeated, hearing everyone ask each other who this Goten person was.  Except for Merle.  Merle knew who he was… 
        Kaede was about to say something else, but he was cut off by Bra. "And Goten is a REAL guy.  Not like YOU!  You're just like any piece of dog-shit lying on the floor!" Bra opened her locker, took something out, and slammed the door shut. "Now, c'mon, Merle, let's just go home!" She pulled her friend by the arm with her and walked away, leaving everyone standing there dumbfounded. 
        Bra snapped her fingers and stopped.  She turned back. "And I'm NOT a bimbo!" she told him, and walked 
away, a kind of satisfied spring in her step.  Serves him right.  But should couldn't help wishing she could've slapped his handsome, smirking face.  Although she had been bluffing, she didn't care if they believed her or not.  Telling those jerks Goten was her boyfriend satisfied her, at least for now anyway.  She couldn't help sighing, wishing it was true. 


"I'm Your Sunshine" by Namie Amuro