Part 11: Hiding From Pan 

        "I—I just can't believe this!" Merle stammered. 
        "Okay, then don't." 
        "But Bra!  You said that…" Merle paused. "Is it true?  I mean, is your ne—new boy—boyfr—you know what.  Is 
it Son Pan's UNCLE?" 
        Bra narrowed her eyes and kept walking, her friend staring at her in dismay.  So she said something she shouldn't have.  And she's being foolish now.  But how else could she keep her pride and not be embarrassed?  It was the only way. 
        "Bra!  Answer me!" Merle stopped when Bra held her arm. 
        "Merle…I…" Bra was about to tell the truth, when… 
        Bra turned when she heard a very familiar voice call her name.  She almost fainted when saw who it was. "Pan..." 

        Pan ran towards them, waving. "Hey, Bra-chan!" 
        Bra waved back, but felt her stomach lurch.  Merle meeting Pan, especially right now…Bra felt that something very bad could occur with that happening, especially since Merle is so big-mouthed. 
        Merle pointed. "Look it's Son Pan!" she exclaimed. 
        "Way to state the obvious," Bra muttered, a bead of sweat rolling down her face. This cannot be good, she 
thought. Dende, haven't I suffered enough? 
        "Hey guys!" Pan called when she reached them. 
        Merle AKA troublemaker stepped in front. "Okay, IS IT TRUE THAT BRA'S NEW BOYFRIEND IS—" 
        With Super-Saiyajin speed, Bra sealed Merle's mouth shut with both her hands, causing the girl to almost 
choke on the bubble-gum she was chewing. 
        Pan stared at them. "What?" 
        Bra smiled sweetly. "It's nothing, Pan.  I'll be right back, okay?" Bra dragged her friend about six 
feet away from Pan and released her hold. "If you tell her, IF you tell HER, I SWEAR by DENDE-SAMA, that I 
will KILL YOU!" Bra said fiercely. 
        Merle spit out her gum just before she turned blue. "You've ALREADY tried to kill me, and I didn't even 
say anything!" She coughed. 
        "I don't mind that.  You know I'm serious." 
        "And who the heck is Dende-sama?" 
        "Forget it." Bra left Merle and went over to Pan. "So, what brings you all the way out here?" she asked brightly. 
        "Bra…we're studying at your house, remember?" 
        Bra slapped her forehead. "Oh, that's right.  How silly that I forgot!" More sweat rolled from her forehead. 
        "Um, are you okay, Bra-chan?" Pan asked. 
        "ME?  Of course I am!  I'm GREAT!" Bra laughed unconvincingly. "Let's just go to my home, all right?" 
She laced her arm through Pan's and practically dragged her towards Capsule Corp. 

        "Okay…so we have to multiply 6 to 'a,' then divide it by 3 to get the answer, right?" 
        Silence again. 
        Bra mumbled something in her sleep about clothes. 
        Pan frowned. "BRA!" 
        Bra jumped up. "Huh?  WHAT? WHERE?  WHEN?  WHO?" 
        Pan rolled her eyes. "Come on, Bra!  We're supposed to be STUDYING, remember?  How can you be so…so…" 
        Bra started laughing. "Oh, and since when have you started being so studious?" she asked wickedly. 
        "Well…" Pan paused, sighed, and grinned. "Well, then, let's stop here." She threw the book aside. "Time for 
girl talk!" 
        Bra chuckled and pushed her books on the floor. "Ha!  This is what I like about you!" 
        "Well, I am PAN, ain't I?"  
        The two girls sat side by side on the floor.  They were facing Bra's big window and watching the sunset.  They don't get to hang together very often, since Pan didn't live very close and they went to different schools.  Since they don't often see each other, doing something like this was great fun. 
        "So how's school going?" Pan asked. 
        "Heh, well, I had a small fight with this guy in my school and I got him good!" 
        "Whoa, what did you do, Final Flash him?" 
        "Hahaha.  Wish I could!" 
        "All the guys at my school are scared of me.  You can't know how boring it is!" Pan told her. "They say 
something about being scared of my jisan or something!" 
        "Oh, no.  My other one." 
        "Oh." Bra paused. "THAT one. Mr. Satan-the-Champion-of the-world," she said a bit mockingly. 
        They both laughed. 
        "So, Bra…" 
        "What was your friend trying to ask me?" 
        Uh-oh.  "Ask you?" Bra asked, playing dumb. 
        "Yeah, you know.  She said, 'Is it true that Bra's new boyfriend is—' and then you stopped her.  What was she going to ask?  What guy was she asking about?" 
        Bra looked at the floor, then back up at her friend.  What could she say?  She didn't want to lie, but she couldn't tell Pan that she used Goten's name!  That could have lasting repercussions on their friendship.  She wanted them to be friends forever.  They were two years apart, but they were like sisters.  So she just looked at her dark-haired friend and shook her head.  
"Pan, you don't want to know.  Believe me." She sighed and gave Pan a small smile. "You don't want to know." 

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"Ajia no Junshin" by Puffy