Part 12: Poor Mr. President (1) 

        It was Saturday night, the best time of day for some relaxation.  Especially for those who've had a rough 
day, done lots of heavy jobs, gone here, gone there, done this, done that, met him, met her, and did a lot 
more.  Trunks always felt that the feeling of sitting back, drinking a cup of coffee, and finishing your favorite book while listening to relaxing music from a HIFI was almost worth the stress. 
        But he was not doing any of that.  He was sitting on his bed, signing papers, copying files, making phone calls, and trying to help Bra with her school work.  His hair was a complete mess from him raking it in frustration so often. 
Bra was busy typing, disturbing her brother's PCU, making weird sounds and beeps.  She found data in it  that she probably wouldn't understand until forever. 
"Trunks, will you help me with these chemistry questions?" she asked.  She turned after Trunks didn't 
answer her.  He was still on the phone. 
        "WHAT?  What do you mean ANOTHER MEETING?  We settled yesterday!" 
        Bra frowned.  She stood up and walked slowly towards her brother.  She sat next to him on the bed, trying 
to listen to what the person on the other side was saying. 
        "Okay, OKAY!  FINE!  Tomorrow IT IS!" Trunks yelled.  He pushed the "End" button and flung his phone across 
the room. 
        Bra looked at him sympathetically. "Neh…Niisan…what happened?" 
        "Some STUPID supervisors from the other company called!" he grumbled as picked up a pen and began 
signing more documents. 
        Bra stared at her angry-looking brother.  She definitely couldn't ask him for help now.  He was under so much stress, but he'd help her anyway.  So she began backing away, when suddenly the papers and files were thrown into the air, causing "paper rain." 
        "ARGH!  I'm not doing this crap anymore!" Trunks swept the rest of the files, documents, and books from 
his bed.  He stood up and kicked it.  Bra stared at him, then went over and held his arm. 
        "Whoa, whoa.  Niisan!  Calm down!" 
        Trunks took a deep breath and made sure he hadn't done anything too stupid yet. "Okay, Bra.  I'm okay…I'm just," he paused. "I'm just a little stressed.  That's all." He bent down and began gathering all his papers. 
        "Well." Bra folded her arms and stood in front of him, stepping on some of the papers. "I think you need FRESH air." 
        "Nani?" He looked up. 
        "You heard me!  It's Saturday night!  And it's a beautiful day…er, night." 
        "So GO OUT and enjoy yourself!" Bra flung her hands in the air. "What else?" 
        Trunks chuckled.  Then he smiled.  He was about to say something when Bulma called up the stairs. "Trunks!  Goten's here to see you!" 
        Bra jumped when she heard the name. "Goten?  What's he doing here?" she asked as she followed Trunks from his room to find out. 

        Goten was sitting in the living room, looking at a magazine that Bulma had given him.  He was just turning pages, not bothering to read it. 
        "Hey, Goten!" 
        "Trunks!" Goten put down the magazine and stood up. "Oh, hey, B-chan," he greeted her. 
        Bra nodded and smiled. 
        "So what are you doing here?" Trunks asked. 
        "Paris just cancelled our date," Goten told him with a sigh. 
        "What happened?" 
        "She just said she needed a rest and to be home alone after doing all her heavy work, etc., etc., etc." 
        "And you came by to tell me?  I'm touched." 
        "Well…I do feel a little bored now, so…" Goten walked over to Trunks and gave him a pleading look. "Will you 
go out with me?" 
        Trunks stared at him for a moment, then began laughing. "Well, Bra did say I should get some fresh air, so…sure!  A date it is!" 
        "Oh, I could just KISS you!" Goten laughed. 
        "Do that, I swear I will bury you alive," Trunks shot back. "Give me a minute, I need to change." 
        "I'll be right down here, waiting for you, HONEY." Goten laughed again. 
        "Ugh, why do I feel so awful?" Trunks asked as he headed for his room. 

        Bra and Goten were left alone in the living room, neither one desiring to talk.  Well…almost! 
        "So, B-chan!" 
        "How's school?" 
        She stared at him for a while. "Um…well…GREAT.  Everything's just…fine." 
        "Any plans for the holiday?" 
        "Huh?  Holiday?" 
        "Yeah!  Sakura no Kisetsu!  You know!" 
        "OH!  Sakura Season!"  She had forgotten about the holiday!  That meant she didn't have to finish her chemistry after all. "Well, no, as a matter of fact I don't.  Why?" 
        "Oh, that's bad.  Sakura no Kisetsu is the most beautiful season of the year, right?  You should be with family or friends…you know, enjoy the surroundings!" 
        Oh, I certainly want to enjoy it with you, she thought. 
        After another minute of waiting, Trunks came back down wearing his dark brown turtleneck sweater, his brown jacket, and his long brown pants. 
        Goten smiled. "Hello, Brownie." 
        "Shut up and let's go." 
        The two walked to the door. "Wait, wait, wait!" Goten stopped.  He turned and looked at Bra, who was still 
standing there.  "B-chan, care to join us?" he invited with a warm smile.  Bra felt herself start blushing again. 
        "Well, um, yeah, if it's okay with Trunks…" 
        "Fine, fine, whatever," Trunks said. "Can we just get out of here before some bozos start calling me again!" 
Trunks walked out first leaving Goten and Bra behind him. 
        "Let me get my jacket," Bra said, skipping to the closet and grabbing it.  She hurried back to Goten who was still by the door.  Waiting for her. 
        "Shall we go?" 
        Goten put his arm around her shoulders, not noticing he made Bra blush more furiously.  They headed over to 
Trunks' hover car.  He was already in there, waiting. 
        So the three took off. 
        Bra didn't know where they were going, but she did know that it was going to be a great night! 

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