Part 16: Realizing Marron 

        The doorbell rang. 

        "Coming!" Marron tightened her robe and walked over to the door, one hand drying her hair with a towel, the other reaching out to open it. "Oh, hi!  Wow, you're early!" 
        "Gomen, Marron-chan…" Bra lowered her head. "Am I bothering you or something?" She looked up at Marron 
and couldn't help feeling guilty.  She knew she was way early for their plans…they had arranged to meet around eleven, but it was only nine-thirty and here she was. 
        Marron smiled down and Bra. "Oh, no, of course not!  Please, come on in!" 
        Bra nodded in relief.  She thought Marron might have gotten angry or something because she was so early.  Just before she stepped in, she looked to her right at the end of the corridor.  Marron turned to see what Bra was looking at. 
        It was Trunks.  For a moment, he didn't' move or speak.  He just stood there, motionless.  He wanted to say something, but he couldn't.  He just looked at his sister and nodded, waving goodbye. 
        "Trunks-kun, wait!" 
        Trunks stopped and looked back.  He watched Marron as she walked towards him.  Bra stood in the doorway, wondering what Marron was doing.  Marron held the towel around her hand and tucked her hair behind her ears.  She looked up at Trunks. "Thanks for getting Bra here." She bowed politely.  At first Trunks couldn't say anything.  From the way she smelled, all fresh and clean, he knew she had just come out of the bathroom.  He smiled and lowered his head. 
        "My dad grounded me for coming home late last night," he joked.  Marron giggled and looked up at him.  She 
noticed he was wearing his glasses.  He was also wearing his usual spiffy suit with a dark tie.  His hair wasn't combed and she somehow knew that he was late for his meeting. 
        "Well, you better go…" she said softly. 
        "I know.  I'd be kicked out anyway if I tried to join you." 
        "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!" Bra yelled from the porch.  Trunks gave her an evil look and turned back to Marron. 
        "So I'll see you girls around, okay?" 
        "Yeah, yeah, yeah, just GO!" 
        Trunks rolled his eyes and ignored his sister.  He pushed his glasses up with two fingers and walked to the staircase. "Ja neh, Marron-chan." He did his famous salute and walked away. 
        Marron suddenly realized she was still wearing her short pink robe and was holding a towel in her hand.  Her hair was still wet.  She turned and walked back towards her apartment. "Come on in, Bra," she said. 
        Bra waited for Marron to walk in.  She looked around, very curious about Marron's new place. 
        "Be careful with the boxes," Marron warned absently. 
        The warning came a little too late as Bra stumbled over one before she heard Marron.  The place was quite 
a mess, with boxes and clothes and pictures and other things to put in the living room all over the place.  The only clean places Bra could see were the bathroom, kitchen, and Marron's small bedroom. 
        "Gomen…" Marron smiled sheepishly. "I still have to unpack and all…do you mind?  I mean, with all my 
        "Oh, no!  No, of course not!  It's okay…believe me, Trunks' room is way messier than THIS." Bra laughed. "I'll just sit here and…" She paused when she caught sight of a small framed picture of the Son family with Krillin's on the table in front of her.  She picked it up and narrowed her eyes, focusing on two figures in the picture. 
        Goten had his arm around Marron's shoulder and they were both doing the peace sign on each hand.  They were smiling widely and looked so close…like they were a couple. 
        "Goten and I were so close…like brother and sister, neh?" Bra's head snapped up when she heard a low voice coming from behind her.  Marron was just behind her and she was also looking at the picture. "Our fathers are best friends, so of course they try to get Goten to be my…" she paused, then " husband." 
        "Nani?" Bra looked up with wide eyes. 
        Marron moved and sat next to her, folding her hands and staring at the floor. "Bra, my father has discussed this with me lately.  But I'm not sure I'm ready for my own family, with children yet.  I want it, but not now.  But Tousan wants me to have a family soon, and he keeps suggesting Goten-kun…" She closed her eyes and there was a look of disappointment on her face. "I…I just CAN'T, Bra-chan." She squeezed her hands. "I just…I'm…" 
        "You're expecting someone else," Bra finished. Marron looked up in surprise. "Right?" Bra continued. "That's 
what it is?" 
        Marron slowly nodded. "Hai." She felt a little embarrassed that Bra had so obviously known what was wrong.  But still, she was glad someone understood.  Neither talked for a while.  The girls knew each other so well; there was no need for words.  Although they were each keeping their own secrets.  Bra had all 
sorts of feelings she couldn't keep inside much longer and Marron was having her own.  But someone had to start, and neither wanted to. 
        "Well, I better go change…" Marron stood up and untied her robe. "You just make yourself at home, okay?  Well, try to anyway." She giggled, trying to sound like herself again.  Bra stood up as well, figuring she would look around while waiting for Marron to finish changing. 
        She was looking through some papers when she caught sight of a small blue book.  She picked it up and 
looked through it.  It was Marron's diary from last year. 
        Curiosity might kill a cat, but not a Saiyajin.  Bra knew it would be wrong to disturb Marron's privacy, 
but just one peek couldn't hurt… 
        She opened to where the bookmark was and began reading the two marked pages. 

        "I saw him again today.  He's wearing that cute sweater he told me his mom bought for him last spring. 
 And of course, he looks as handsome as ever… 
        "It was Christmas today and the snow just stopped.  We were having so much fun together tonight…It would 
be much better if Bra-chan and Pan-chan were there, too. But it seems like the girls have their own plans, so I hung out with the guys instead.  My best friends, right? 
        "We were outside Goku-jisan's house, talking and laughing until tears ran.  We didn't even join the others inside.  After all, I already had the company I wanted most…" 

        Bra flipped over to the next page. 

        "If he only knew how I felt about him…and I've felt this way for so long!  And if I knew how HE felt about 
ME.  I'm so in love with him and I don't think I could hold on much longer…and I've tried to confess, but the words get stuck.  I've tried to give him a sign, but he never picks up on it.  It's so difficult for me to reach him!  When we're together, it's so hard for me to talk about my deepest thoughts.  He's so near, yet…so far… 
        "I just knew I would never make it.  Maybe he belongs to someone else I don't know about.  That's why I have 
to forget him.  And just keep these sorry little feelings to myself.  
        "But Diary, I don't know when or how, but all I know right now is that I'm deeply in love with him…my very own best friend…" 

        Bra closed the diary and put it back when she heard Marron coming out.  She was overwhelmed with joy.  She 
couldn't believe what she had just read. 
        Now she knew she wasn't the only one who was afraid of expressing her feelings to someone.  She's not 
        And her eyes brightened and she smiled widely at the ceiling. 

        The guy Marron was in love with was her brother! 


"Can You Celebrate?" by Namie Amuro