PART 26: Thanks buddy. 

        It was raining that evening.  People were ushering here and there, searching for shelter.  It was very unusual for it to be so rainy during the Sakura Season?the most beautiful season of the year.  
        Trunks sat in his little hover car.  He had successfully avoided a boring business meeting, but now he didn't really have anywhere else to go.  He couldn't fly, or his dad would find him right away.  And then he'd hear it from his mother.  Since there wasn't anything else to do, he decided to visit the Son house.  To see his friend. 
        He sped away just before the rain started to pour more heavily. 
        "He's been in there for two days now." ChiChi sighed. "Do you what might have happened?" 
        Trunks shook his head. "No, Obachan.  Nothing happened, I think." Trunks gave her a warm smile. "Don't worry.  I'll talk to him." 
        "Thank you." ChiChi nodded and went into the kitchen. 
        Trunks walked up the stairs to Goten's room.  He noticed the house was completely empty.  Gohan and his family went on vacation and Goku was training Ubuu.  So Goten and ChiChi were all that were left and Goten had no one to talk to. 
        Goten's door was closed and probably locked. 
        He knocked. "Hey, Goten?"  he called. 
        No answer. 
        He knocked several more times until the door finally swung open. "Oh, hi, Trunks," Goten said. "I was sleeping, didn't hear you." 
        "Oh.  Sorry to disturb your nap.  Can I come in?" 
        "Yeah, sure." Goten shoved some stuff aside, giving his friend room to get in. "I hope you don't mind?I haven't cleaned my room since last week." 
        Trunks laughed. "Better than me!  I haven't cleaned mine in a month." 
        Goten didn't respond.  He tried to laugh, but his lips only twitched and he didn't look amused or happy. "So…you got out of work again?" 
        "Yep.  I'm becoming a slacker?that's twenty times this month alone!" 
        "Congratulations.  Joining the real world," Goten said with a half-hearted attempt to insult his friend the way he normally did. 
        "Um, thanks." 
        Goten stared at the ceiling. "So what are you doing here, anyway?" 
        "Just checking in my best bud, of course." 
        "You're so kind, I could kiss you." 
        "And I could cut you into a million pieces." Trunks moved backwards, trying to get a better view of the city. "You're okay?" 
        Goten didn't reply.  Trunks sighed.  He must have asked the wrong question.  Baka.  He walked towards Goten's bed and flopped over, lying just beside his friend.  Both men stared at the ceiling without exchanging any words.  Trunks took a deep breath. "Your mom is worried about you, Goten." 
        "I know…" 
        "You can't stay like this forever." 
        "Since when do you run your own advice column?" Goten asked, annoyed. 
        "Since about two minutes ago." Trunks shrugged. "Goten, I know it's hard, but you just have to get over her." 
        "Trunks, listen." Goten put his hands behind his head. "It's just not easy, okay?  And I don't want to talk about it.  Why don't you just leave me alone and…" He paused when he heard Trunks groaning. "Trunks?" 
        "THE TWO SAME PEOPLE!" he exclaimed. 
        "Wh?what do you mean?" 
        "You and my sister!" 
        "What about me and your sister?" 
        "Well…" Trunks cleared his throat. "Yesterday she was upset about something, she wouldn't come out of her room, and when I went in there to talk to her, she chased me out!  And now you!  You're upset about something, you won't come out of your room, and I know you're going to chase me out in about two seconds!"  
        "She's upset?  How come?" 
        "Um…no reason…" Trunks lied. "Are you saying you're worried about her?" 
        "Well…yeah.  She's always been like my own." 
        "Your own what?" Trunks asked hopefully. 
        "My own sister, what else?"  
        "Oh.  Sister.  Nothing else?" 
        "Of course not!" Goten started laughing. "What do you want her to be?  My girlfriend?" 
        "Well…no, of course not!" Marron said to try and I did. "Just asking is all." He lay back on the bed. "But you still can't stay in here forever, Goten." 
        Goten ignored him. 
        "You should go out and have a good time!" Trunks continued. 
        "It's raining, you baka." 
        "Well, maybe not today, then, but you should go out!" A sudden thought occurred to him. "Maybe we should hang out together, like the old days!" 
        "Yeah," Goten agreed. "With Marron, too. She's really fun, you know." 
        "Uh, fun. Yeah. She's…fun." Trunks blushed and looked away. "Oh, I've gotta go.  Some unfinished business, you know." Trunks stood up and looked at his friend. "Maybe I'll see you this weekend.  Are you sure you're gonna be all right?" 
        "Uh-huh, don't worry." Goten sat up. "Hey, Trunks?" 
        "Thanks." Goten thought it over. "Well, you didn't help that much, but I feel better, anyway." 
        What does he mean, I didn't help? Trunks wondered.  Then, "Hey, a friend's gotta do what a friend's gotta do!" And he grinned. 
        Goten nodded. "And now I got one question for you.  Something I'm just dying to know." 
        "What is it?" 
        "What the heck is on your neck?" He pointed. "Is it a hick?" 
        "Wokay!  Nice to see you again, Goten, but I REALLY gotta go now!  'Bye!" Trunks practically ran out of 
the room. 
        Goten stared after his strange-acting friend, dumbfounded and confused.  So he saw a hickey?  So Trunks finally got some.  You'd think he'd be bragging about it.  He sighed. The whole world has gone crazy.  He went over and looked out the window.  The rain had stopped. 
        Trunks was right.  He couldn't stay in his room forever.  He's going to have to forget all about Paris and everything else.  He knew it wouldn't be at all easy, but he has to try.  
        His Saiyajin stomach began to growl. 
        Goten grinned and went downstairs to talk to his mother. 



"See You When You Get There" by Coolio