PART 29: Alive

        Bra sat in her room, alone, watching TV.  Well, the TV was on and she was looking at it, but she had no idea what show was on.  She finally picked up the remote and turned it off.  She flopped on her bed and let out a sigh, staring at the ceiling, just like she had done the previous day. She had been grounded for the weekend and school would reopen in another week.  Her life was boring and stupidly complicated.  Just because of one sorry little feeling, her life was turned completely upside down.  She'd had enough pain to last her a lifetime.
        She'd ignored her father ever since that day.  Her mom was still angry with her.  As for her brother…Trunks didn't say home much.  He was always going out and meeting someone.  A girlfriend?  She couldn't work up the energy to care.
        Goten, Trunks, and Marron were going out tomorrow.  A "just like the old days" get-together.  She knew they would.  They'd always been good friends, and Goten's failed proposal had brought them closer.  She wished she could fit in, but they were 20+ and she was just a teenager.  They hadn't wanted her around when they were younger and they didn't really want her around now.  Marron and Goten had always been semi-welcoming, but Trunks would always scoff and leave her behind.  Still, they were nice people, her brother, Marron, and…
        Dang it, she was trying to forget him!  For at least the night.
        She looked at a picture next to her bed that made her smile.  It was of her and Pan, a camping trip from not so long ago.  She missed her friend.  With Pan gone for the holiday and Trunks, Marron, and Goten getting so chummy, she had no one to talk to.  Pan and her family weren't coming back until the Sakura viewing, which they always did together.
        She absently wondered what Trunks had done that night when she had told him Marron's secret.  Did Marron
know Trunks knew?  Had Trunks told her everything?  What was going on with them lately?  She couldn't tell.  If something WAS going on, though, she didn't care.  Let them be happy.  Let them have their own sweet times.  Maybe someday she'd have her own, too.  Someday.
        And her mind drifted back to Goten.  He was so much trouble!  Why did he stick in her mind?  He'd caused her such pain and confusion…and joy…she was so in love with him…
        "Oh, you baka," she cursed herself. "Just forget him!"
        But she couldn't.  It was all the memories.  She was a little girl and the guy she called "Goten-oniichan" would drop by often to spar or play or "study" with Trunks.  But every time he came, he would always play with her, or take her flying.  He always treated her so much better than Trunks had…such a nice and easy-going person. That's when she had started to like him.  And like changed to "crush."
        But Goten was totally oblivious and would bring so many different girls out on dates.  He would introduce them to her brother, offer to hook Trunks up.  And she would get so jealous, pout, snort, glare, or even ignore him.  But Goten would never realize what was going on.  She was just a little girl, just Trunks' little sister.
        And now her crush changed into something richer, deeper, that thing they call "love," a pure feeling that came straight from her heart.  Although she's dated dozens of guys in her life, she's never had that kind of feeling that she's experiencing for Goten.  She's grown now, and she wanted Goten to see that.  She wanted Goten to look at her and realize that she's a young woman, a young woman that he could love, but he just didn't.  Time and situation were against her.  She half-suspected Dende of playing some sort of cruel joke on her.  She needed more support, but Marron and her brother were the only people she could count on.
        She switched off the lamp in her room and wrapped herself in her comforter, trying to sleep.
        She wanted to forget him, for just one night.
        Why wouldn't it work?


"Alive" by SPEED