PART 34: Goten and Marron - Eternal Friends 

        Marron danced around in her old bedroom, admiring herself in her mirror, in her new dress and new shoes and her two ponytails…she would look great tomorrow.  But about those ponytails…tomorrow, she wanted to look different.  She definitely would do a new hairstyle. 
        She just couldn't wait for the next day.  So many people would be there, enjoying the blooming cherry-blossoms, her dad's friends and her friends…all the them would be together under a big cherry tree, singing and just enjoying each other's company.  As for her, she couldn't wait to see Trunks again… 
        She smiled in the mirror and chanted, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall…" 
        "Now that's a smart mirror," Marron giggled, then realized she was supposed to be alone in her room.  She spun around and saw Goten smiling at her from outside her window. "GOTEN?" she screamed.  Her high-pitched voice made Goten fall on the ground, covering his ears.  Then he flew back to Marron's window.  She was still standing there in shock and her red face told him she was plenty embarrassed. 
        He grinned and waved. "Kon ban wa, (good evening), Marron chan!" 
        Clenching her fists, Marron got ready to throw her shoes at him when Goten raised his hands placatingly. "Marron-chan!  No, wait!  It's like this—" 
        "NEVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!" she howled. 
        "But I just want to see you…" 
        "Well, have you ever heard of a little invention called 'the door'?" 
        "I knocked at least ten times, but you never answered.  That's why I flew up here.  And when I got here, I saw you dancing—" 
        "SHUT UP!" 
        "Yes, ma'am." Goten looked at her and gave her his best puppy face, pleading for forgiveness.  It didn't work. To Marron, he looked more like a fish waiting to be made into sushi.  She rolled her eyes and snorted. "Fine, whatever.  I'll go open the door." 
        "Sankyuu!" He flew down and walked over to the front porch, waiting for Marron to open the door.  As he stepped in, he looked around the living room, expecting to meet someone else. "Where's Krillin-ojichan and your mother?" he asked. 
        "They went out." 
        "Yeah.  Can I get you anything to drink?  A coke?" 
        "No thank you…I had enough at the mall." 
        She gave him a sideways look and closed the fridge. "That reminds me…how did your day with Bra-chan go?" she asked carefully, sitting down next to him on the sofa and watching him. 
        No answer.  Marron studied his face closely.  Goten really is good-looking, she mused. Even better looking than Trunks in a way.  With his innocent facefrom Goku and that hair…and of course, he's very well built and strong.  He reminded her of that basketball player from Kanagawa, Akira Sendoh.  It had to be admitted that Goten was very cute.       But he seemed to be troubled about something.  She wondered what it was.  Then she remembered he hadn't answered her question about Bra.  Was his problem about her…? 
        Goten looked at her and forced a smile. "Oh, yeah, we had a good time.  Pan came with us, you know." 
        "You…brought Pan along?" 
        "Yep.  Gohan asked me to.  Why?" 
        "Oh…no reason." Marron leaned against the sofa. "So why are you here?" 
        "Just meeting an old friend." 
        She frowned at him. "You're not telling me the truth." 
        "Ha, well…if I ask you some questions, will you tell ME the truth?" 
        "Goten-kun, what are you talking about?" 
        Goten smiled at her. "You are my BEST friend." 
        "Real sweet.  You're my best friend, too.  Now, can we get back to the point?" 
        "Sure.  Best friends don't keep secrets, right?" 
        Marron froze. "S—secrets?" she stammered. "Wh—what secrets?" she asked lamely. 
        "You should have told me sooner," he scolded, frowning. "Now, Marron, please tell me what is actually going on." 
        Marron was speechless.  She looked at Goten and tried to think of something to say. 
        She groaned and hid her face in her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Goten-kun!  But it…it happened so fast…" 
        "I didn't expect it to happen, either!  It was last week, at night.  He just…came to my apartment and…and…" She was bright red now. "We were just…really drawn to each other…I guess…that's why!" 
        He didn't say anything.  Marron peeked at him through her hands.  His eyes widened, then he shook his head and began laughing.  Marron's head snapped up in surprise. "Marron-chan!" Goten chuckled. "What are you talking about?" 
        "Eh?  What do you mean, what am I talking about?  Isn't that what you wanted to know…what you were curious about?" 
        "Curious about what?" 
        "A—about me and Tr—Trunks…" 
        He laughed out loud. "Nope!" 
        "I've known about that for quite a while…well, a couple of days, anyway." He took a deep breath. "This…this is HILARIOUS!"  He began laughing again. 
        Marron bit her lower lip as her face reddened in anger and embarrassment.  "GOTEN-BAKA!" she howled again, right in his ear, then bent and buried her face in the corner of the sofa. 
        Goten got off the floor, where he'd fallen when she'd shrieked at him. "I think I'll get Trunks a pair of earplugs, if he's gonna keep going out with you," he commented. 
        Trunks was just sitting behind his desk, signing some papers, when he sneezed, causing his glasses to slip down his nose. "Am I catching another cold, or is someone talking about me behind my back?" he muttered as he pushed them back into place. 
        "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" Marron yelled. "THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING!" 
        "Hahaha!  Marron-chan!  It's okay." Goten held her shoulders. "Let's just call it…extra info for me." He was going to laugh again when he saw Marron glaring at him. 
        "It's NOT funny," she told him. 
        "Yes, ma'am. 
        "Let me go." 
        "Yes, ma'am. 
        "Don't call me 'ma'am.'" 
        Marron rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Well, now that I've totally humiliated myself, what did you come here to talk about?" 
        Goten looked at her seriously. "It's about B-chan.  I need to ask you something." 
        Marron froze again.  What could she do or say?  She looked into her dark eyes and she knew he really wanted to know the truth.  But why did he come to HER?  First Trunks, and now him. "Wh—what do you mean…?" 
        "You know something about her that I don't, right?" 
        "Well…sure.  I mean, I'm her best friend!" She laughed weakly. 
        Goten sighed. "I'm serious, Marron-chan.  See…Bra…she told me…told me that…" 
        Marron grinned at his reddening face. 
        "That…but…I don't know if it's true or not…I just…I want to know what's going on!" He looked at Marron 
beseechingly. "Please…Marron-chan…please tell me what's going on!" 
        "Please?  Best friend?" 
        She smiled. "Goten-kun, tell me exactly what happened." 
        Goten took a deep breath and started with the story.  At the mall, when Bra held him, Kaede, and finally, her confession.  Marron listened intently to every word. 
        "And then…she just flew off.  So I came here to see you…" Goten's eyebrows raised when he saw a few tears slide from her eyes. 
        "Oh, Bra…" she whispered. 
        "Marron?  Marron-chan, are you okay?" 
        "Oh, yes, I'm fine…it's just that…" She wiped the tears away. "I just feel really bad about this." 
        "So you've known all along." 
        "Goten-kun, you have to understand." 
        "I will, if you'll explain it." 
        Marron let out her breath and leaned back.  She looked up at him and started talking. "She's been waiting for the right time to tell you, Goten-kun.  It was supposed to be tomorrow, but now with this…it ruined everything.  You don't know how badly she's wanted to tell you everything.  She didn't care if you rejected her or anything, but she just needed the right time to express her feelings.  She couldn't keep it to herself anymore.  Telling you was the only way she could finally get rid of the confusion that's been disturbing her lately." 
        "Poor B-chan," he said softly. 
        "She's a really brave young girl, Goten-kun.  But I didn't anticipate what happened today at the mall.  She's been really patient, but now it's all useless.  I'm sure she thinks she has no hope now." 
        "B-chan…really…l—loves me?" 
        "Yes, and I know she still does." 
        "But I'm so much older!  How come—?" 
        "Does age really matter to you, Goten?" 
        "If a person is deeply in love, he or she wouldn't count that as anything.  No matter how old the other person was.  Love is just a strong feeling.  Bra had it. And she just wanted to tell you…didn't you realize?" 
        "No…but how could I have been so …" His eyes suddenly widened.  THAT was what Bra had muttered in the bookstore.   He should have noticed then.  He froze. "I'm such a baka!" he groaned. 
        "So…what are you going to do about this?" 
        Goten stood up and walked for the door. "I have to think about this, Marron-chan.  I need some time…give 
me at least until tomorrow night." 
        Marron stood up with him and followed him. "But tomorrow night is…" 
        Goten smiled at her. "Sankyuu, Marron-chan.  You really are a good friend." 
        "Heh." Marron shrugged. "And I thought I was the BEST." 
        He chuckled as he hugged her.  Marron could feel his breath tickling her ear as she whispered, "And I'm never going to forget myself after what I've done to HER." 
        Marron pulled away and looked at him in surprise. 
        "And Trunks is a very lucky guy." 
        Goten bent and pecked her cheek.  He stepped outside and hovered a little from the ground.   He grinned at her and waved. "Mata ashita neh (see you tomorrow), Marron-chan!" 
        Then he took off, leaving Marron standing on the island alone.  She smiled at his retreating back.  She knew, maybe before he even knew, that Goten was going to make Bra-chan very happy.  His smile spoke of nothing but happiness for the two. "Ganbatte-neh (good luck), Goten-kun," she said softly and went back in the house. 

        Flying through the clouds above the sea, Goten smiled to himself as the wind blew through his hair.  The sun was setting, turning the sky and sea a magnificent mixture of red, orange, pink, and lavender blue.  Blue like Bra's eyes. 
        Goten thought about what Marron had said.  He guessed he knew everything now.  He'd never thought that a little girl like Bra could… 
        But she's not a little girl anymore.  He should have realized that she was a grown young lady.  He thought 
about that and let out a laugh.  Still heading toward home, he smiled and laughed again, finally feeling much happier. 
        Not only had the sunset on Satan City, but also Paris' place in Goten's heart. 

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