Part 39: Epilogue: Zutto futari de~

5 years later…

        "Goodbye, teacher!"
        "See you tomorrow, teacher!"
        Happy little children running through the school gates went directly to their parents, who were waiting outside.  Several teachers were also by the gates, bidding their students farewell.  One small girl with short dark hair walked shyly over to her teacher. "Um, excuse me, teacher?"
        "Yes, Hotaru?"
        "This is for you.  I made it myself," Hotaru told her shyly.
        The teacher bent and took the small blue teddy bear made of clay from the girl. "Well, thank you!  It's so cute!  I love it."
        The girl giggled. "I gave her a name, too!"
        "Oh, really?"
        "Will you please tell me what it is?"
        Hotaru grinned up at her teacher, big dark eyes shining as she excitedly shouted out, "Marron!"
        The teacher laughed. "Oh, Hotaru, honey, thank you!  That is so sweet!"
        "Tee-hee!  Sankyuu!" Hotaru giggled again. "Oh!  There's my daddy!  Bye-bye!" She waved and trotted away happily.  Soon, she was swallowed up among the crowd.

        Marron-chan the blue bear… 

        Marron smiled happily.  She'd been a kindergarten teacher for two years now and loved every minute of it.  She'd always gotten along with little children and was very good at thinking of ways to have them learn and play at the same time.  Everything was just fun.  But sometimes it made her wonder when she's going to have her own kids.  Marron sighed.
        Someone tapped her on the shoulder.  She turned around. "Oh, hi, Mrs. Kaniji!"
        "The kids really love having you for a teacher."
        Marron smiled. "Well, they're all such little darlings…"
        Mrs. Kaniji raised an eyebrow. "Well, sometimes." She looked at her watch. "I have to go now!  I promised to take my son to the fair this evening."
        Marron waved goodbye. "Have a good time!"
        "I hope so.  Good afternoon!" Mrs. Kaniji waved back as she walked away. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mrs. Briefs!"
        Marron nodded and bowed her head politely.  She felt the familiar thrill that always went through her when someone called her "Mrs. Briefs."  She shook her head, returning to reality, and smiled proudly to herself.
        The schoolyard was completely empty now: all the laughing little children had gone home.  Time for me to go, Marron thought.  She ran her fingers through her long blond hair and then put on her hat.  She'd stopped wearing the ponytails a few years ago, when she became a teacher.  She realized how childish they'd made her look, and she wanted to look more her age.
        She stood by the gate, waiting for her ride to come. She could drive herself, but a driver always came to get her, so she always just waited for a driver in a fancy car to come.
        Finally a black limo stopped in front of her.  Marron sighed and waited for the driver to open the door for her.  To her surprise, the door opened from the inside and a tall man in a dark green suit stepped out.  He grinned widely and took off his glasses. "Hello, Marron."

        "Trunks!" Marron gave her a tight hug that knocked Trunks almost off balance. "You're back already?" she asked.
        Trunks looked down. "Do you know, I believe I am!" he said in mock amazement. "But one month in Hong Kong without you is too long!"
        "So you successfully snuck out?" Marron asked suspiciously.  She knew him and his tricks too well.
        Trunks just laughed. "I gave them a good, legitimate reason!" he protested.
        "Oh?  What was it?"
        Trunks grinned. "I told them that I have a lovely wife at home that I'd been away from for too long!  And the truth shall set you free!" he exclaimed, then gave her a quick kiss.
        Marron smiled up at him.
        "Come on; let's go home.  I want to see Okasan and Otousan.
        As they stepped in the car, Marron caught sight of a small pink blossom as it floated past them.  She stopped short and watched it.  Trunks looked up and saw it.  They both stared as it flew higher and higher into the brilliant blue sky.  They both smiled.
        "It was unforgettable," Marron whispered.
        Knowing what she was referring to, Trunks nodded and kissed her cheek. "Let's go."
        Marron stepped into the car, the diamond on her hand reflecting the sun's rays as she shut the door.

        The single blossom kept floating over houses, playgrounds, and cities, reminding them all of that night.

        Everyone's been happy.  Ubuu was finally going out with his mentor's granddaughter.  Gohan and Videl almost burst with pride over that, and the fact that Pan was going to college.  Yamcha had just broken up with his 57th girlfriend and was hot on the trail of #58.  The mothers had nothing to worry about because
their children were all grown up now and the fathers had nothing to worry about because that's the women's job. 

        As for Goten and Bra…

        Bra sat alone on the bench in the park, their favorite hideaway.  She looked at the deep blue sea with the sunset reflecting off the water.  This place…so full of memories.  And this season again.  She always remembered what happened five years ago in this very park.  She still remembered how confused and complicated her life seemed.  But her friends had always helped her through.  She knew she owed them a lot.
        But now, she had everything she'd ever wanted out of life.

        Suddenly an ice cream cone popped out from behind her.  She smiled and looked up.

        Goten grinned down at her, his dimples showing, which made him look even cuter.  He sat down next to her, putting an arm over her shoulder. "Hope you like vanilla?"
        Bra smiled at the question. "Of course," she replied softly.

        "You know I'll be leaving for college again next week," Bra said, finally breaking the silence between them. "But I'll be back in six months, when I graduate." She grinned. "Finally, it's my last year!"
        Goten sighed in relief. "Well, I've waited five years, so I guess I can wait six months!"

        They stared at each other, eyes locked, until something else caught their attention.
        The single pink blossom floated peacefully, gracefully, between them, reminding them of the happiest moment in both of their lives.  They looked back at each other with smiles on their faces.

        Goten leaned closer to her. "When you're back for good," he whispered, "we'll get married."

        Bra looked at him in surprise.  She supposed that was as close to an official proposal as she'll ever get from him, but she still had tears of joy in her eyes.  She couldn't describe the happiness that filled her heart.
        Goten saw the tears and got a little nervous. "Uh-oh.  Paris started to cry when I proposed to her, too.  Are you going to dump me?"
        Bra laughed and shook her head. "No, no, of course not, you silly.  But…are you really…I mean, do you really…"

        Goten cut her off with a kiss. "Of course, Bra-chan."

        And the first evening star witnessed them.

        The blossom floated gracefully as the sweet evening breeze blew, flying towards the setting sun, watching the two lovers from above.

        It spins playfully, happily, then off it goes, continuing its journey……..

(The End)

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"Zutto Futari de~" by GLAY