(It was dark outside and ,Puar,Uranai Baba,Juhachigou and Marron were watching the news)

Marron:Mommy!Watching another re-run of "Pony Princesses'" is better than this.
Juhachigou:Well too bad.....sometimes grown ups need their space.
Marron: ::pouts::
Uranai Baba:Shut the hell up everybody!
Juhachigou: ::grabs Uranai Baba by her shirt:: Watch your language ya old dirty b@$t@rd,my little girl might hear that.
Juhachigou: ::throws him into a table:: Old goat
Uranai Baba:Quiet quiet.The news is on.
NEWShost:And that's if for the weather and the new diesease attacking
Europe,"-INIS". ::someone hands him another paper:: This just in...people have reported unsightly figures.They say some are green and some are blue.They are wrecking havoc in some parts so keep in eye out,Earth's special forces.Earth,once again,needs you.
Kuririn:Hey,maybe we should call the guys over to check out these mysterious happenings.
Juhachigou:Damn.....what're we suppose to do?

Goku,Kuririn and all the guys took a luxery trip to Hawaii.Too bad those cheap B@$t@;o|s did'nt take us.But had to be boys night out.


Uranai Baba:That breakfast was great honey.
Juhachigou:You should be glad you have me...
Uranai Baba:Hey!What the hell is that supposed to mean?We can't cook for beans?
Juhachigou:Let's just say Godzilla can cook your head better than you can fry eggs.

(Then,suddenly,the phone began to ring.Juhachigou picked up the phone and her eyes turned wide)

Bulma:Help!These green things are attacking me!I think it's what they were talking about in the news! HELP!!!
Juhachigou:Don't worry!I'll help you out!

(She put the phone down and raced to Capsule Corporation where she burst inside shocked to see green little men(you've already seen them in DBZ.This type of being killed Yamcha the first time)clung to her and began to attack.One green men spotted her and opened up his head shooting sticky weblike goo straight at Juhachigou.Juhachigou dodged it.She powered up and shot a ki blast blowing away all the green men.Bulma was just sitting on the floor shocked in fear.)

Juhachigou:Come on....let's see how Chichi is doing without the guys.

(Juhachigou and Bulma flew over to the Son household to find the rest of the girls there.)

Juhachigou:hey chichi,Uranai Baba,Bra,Yoko,Marron sweety,Pan,Beederu(videl),Writer,Botan,Unjoom,Wendy and the rest of you girls...funny to see you here.
Chichi:We heard about everything......since our foolish husbands and sons and friends have gone on their stupid luxery trip to Hawaii we're gonna show the who's boss by stopping these creatures all by ourselves!That'll show him that we are INDAPENDANT WOMAN!!::stands up and all the females do a pose::
Writer:Dude,this is lame.But when it comes to some real @$$-kicking,im in.
Botan:Right on,mom!
Yoko:Yeah.....I think we should show them.....then we'll show them who's boss....
Bulma:I think we should all stay together so we can train and get ready for these little things.

(So they all decided to stay at the Son household for the days.As they stradegized and trained days went by.)

Bulma:Good thing you gave me some of that gunk that icky green things spat outta his head.Let's see...I did find some results.AHA!Here's a whole bunch of info on them.It says that they are called Saibamen and they are grown from special seeds and formula.But my question come there are so many?
Yoko:And what about the blue ones?
Writer:Yo,I've seen them blue men but I haven't seen them in real life.
Beederu:Well we're gonna have to find out more about what's happening.
Pan:Yeah,and if we wanna find out things about the blue men we're gonna have to encounter one.
Bra:WAIT A MINUTE!!!!..........who's gonna go out and encounter a blue one?

(Everyone looked at each other and there was a silence.No one seemed to want to volenteer when suddenly.......)

Writer:YO!I ain't no wimp!I'm goin out there.Who else is with me!
Chichi:I'll go with her.....

(No one else volenteered so it was just Writer and Chichi.The hunt,for the blue men,was on.The first place they were instructed to go to was the ZTV news headquarters.After zipping past in the guards in the lobby both of them ran upstairs to the one reporter they saw on TV that day.Chichi stopped him angrily and they started questioning him.)

Writer: Hey reporter dude.You know everything.....have you ever tasted tasty wheat?They talked about it in the "Matrix" when Mouse asked Neo.So my question is what does tasty wheat taste like if it don't exist in their world,man?Does it look like frosted wheates or cornbread?I dunno..I never even seen tasty wheat so how the hell would I know but you've been to places so if you've seen tasty wheat you've probably ate it.Is tasty wheat chewy or crunchy or the does tasty wheat come in one of those containers they have in the movie that looks like they cleaned crap outta it but if Mousesaid that it tasted like tasty wheat can it be tasty wheat?
Chichi: SHUT THE HELL UP!!! dumb@$$!!Wrong questions....
Reporter:What did you want to ask me?
Chichi:About the blue little creatures?Where were they spotted the most?
Reporter:Hold you please let go of me,ma'am?
Chichi: ::lets him go::
Reporter: ::goes to his desk and takes out the notes for that:: says here that they were first spotted in the woods of North City.They said hundreds have popped out but they don't know where they came is there anything else- ::notices that they have left::you...want?
Writer:Onward to NORTH CITY MAN!!Oh yeah...Chichi,your a good cook so have you ever tasted tasty wheat...?
Chichi:SHUT UP ABOUT THE TASTY WHEAT!!I know your trying to piss everybody off by doing this.
Writer:DING DING DING DING DING!You win a new dodge nothing!!
Chichi:SHUT UP!!!
Writer:Fine.....geez,chill....your bein a little too agressive for a house chick.
Chichi:That's it!-
Writer:Okay!Okay!I'll shut my trap now!

(They soon arrived at North City.Nothing was really happening.They still searched around but there was still no evidence.)

Writer:You know what,Chichi?They ain't here.But we should still stay in case them blue dudes pop out.They could be here growin 24/7 but we gotta see it to believe it,know what I'm sayin?Why don't we chill in the mall while we wait?
Chichi:Well,your an dip$*|* Writer,but I suppose your correct.

(They walked into the mall,had a bite to eat and Writer was in the videogame rcade playing Street Fighter with Chichi.Chichi was playing as Sakura while Writer was Chunli)

Writer:Come on!Let it out,Chunli!
Chichi:Stupid contraption!Kick her to death you stupid character!!
Writer:Chill......your playin a game and patience is one 'a the keys to winin

(With a ki attack Chunli instantly beat up Sakura and that's when Chichi got really pi$$ed.)

Writer:Oh yeah!Oh yeah!It's my birthday!It's my birthday!::so everyone could hear and peeps were staring at her::(she'd be one embarrasing mom would'nt she?)

(She suddenly stopped because there was a huge commotion outside the arcade.Chichi and Writer rushed out and saw people running around and blue creatures,that looked similar to the saibamen popped outta the ground.)

Chichi:This is it Writer!
Writer:As the evil blue dudes from the planet Babadoo thrash beneath the earth the cringe searching for more wrath....but oh no!They're hungry!Looks like they must make a human sacrafice!HAHAHAHAHAHA!-
Chichi:Writer!SHUT UP!!!

(Chichi walked out and stood on Writer's arms[since she can't fly].)

Chichi:Hey you knuckled headed c;@p heads!YOUR GOING DOWN!!

(As the blue creatures eyed her they stopped tornments the humans around them and started to walk toward Chichi with devilish grins.Chichi jumped down from Writer's shoulders and began kicking them all into the walls)

Writer:Yeah chichi!Kick them in there hard!! ::starts to feel weird as she notices the ones surrounding her.So she kicks them and punches them with ease::

(Writer blasted a few to death with ki and Chichi blasted them away with her anger.After they were dead they felt relieved and gave each other a high five.)

Writer:Straight up
Writer:Come on,say 'straight up'.I wanna see....
Chichi:No way.I ain't-I mean I'm not getting mixed up with you and your slang.Besides..your a pathetic drop out!Your the worst excuse for a mother and wife!Your a terrible influence for Gohan!But i"ll be dealing with you!
Writer:Yep,I'm down with that,lol.

(They both returned to the Son household.Everyone was relieved they were back...but that was untill.......)

Bulma:I can't believe you guys did'nt bring any evidence back!
Juhachigou:Writer,your irresponsible so it's probably your fault!
Beederu,Bra,Pan&Marron:I can't believe this is happening....
Writer:(Why does that old lady blame me all the time)::gives Juhachigou the finger::
Bra: ::tiptoes over to Chichi:: Here,you don't have to bring one back.Just stick this censor on his back and come back.Then we'll see where he goes.K?Pan suggested I tell you.
Chichi:Thanks Bra and tell Pan I said thanks too.
Marron:EEEEEP!::everyone turns to look at her worriedly::Sorry everybody.But Wendy is showing me her barbie doll set for the first time and they all don't have heads and a spider crawled out of one.It was an itty  bitty one.::everyone sighed with relief::
Bulma&Juhachigou:GET YOUR @$$ES BACK THERE!!NOW!!!!!

(As they flew back Writer and Chichi weren't very happy.)

Chichi:It was an honest mistake!
Writer:It wasn't my fault.They should'nt go around assuming things....
Chichi:I know......well we gotta do what we gotta do.

(Luckly,when they arrived outside the mall saibamen and the blue men[which Writer and Chichi decided to call them Biomen]were chasing people only there were twice that many!!)

Chichi: ::whaps Writer over the head:: shut up!

(Suddenly,ten or twelve Saibamen and Biomen jumped up to Writer ready to attack.With one ki blast she was able to knock them away,for they were so puny.Chichi was able to blow them off with her anger.There were soon two left ready to run away.Chichi threw they censors and they slapped onto the saibamen and biomen.)

Writer:Whoa!Wait to go Chichi!Direct hit!Straight up,man!
Chichi: ::looks at Writer and then smiles:: Straight up.....oh yeah,you BETTER not tell anyone I said that. Writer:Don't worry,I'll tell it to Kamesennin and he'll spread it around
Writer: -hey!Just kidding,man!Chill.

(When they arrived they got yelled at some more by Bulma and Juhachigou)

Unjoom:Yeah,the rest of us tiny,unuseful little girls,as you said
Mrs.Briefs,asked them to attatch censors on two of them.
Pan:And I think it worked....
Botan:I think they went into the woods...
Bulma: huh?Chichi,what's wrong?
Chichi: I was just going to get some water when I slipped and fell.My ankle is bruised but I can still take it. ::tries to walk:: Ow!
Bulma:Why don't you stay here.
Writer:Well.......?Hmmmm I guess I'm the only one.

(Flys off a little nervous going to thge woods of North City.She slaps herself trying to think straight.When she arrives she peers into the woods.Everything is in silence.She sneaks deep down into the woods and she comes near a rocky hill and "Mission Impossible" music comes on.)

Writer: (SWEET MAN!This is like Metal Gear Solid!)::suddenly stops to hear sounds::EEK!

(She quickly turns on her walkie talkie and while everyone is listening she suddenly goes "whoa!" and there is no reply.)

Juhachigou:Where are you,you damn woman!Or should I say man,seeing that you never act like a responsible feminine woman!
Botan:Oh no!Maybe something happened to her!
Unjoom:Please say my mommy isn't dead!
Botan:Let's go after her to see if she's okay!I'm really worried!
Pan:You know what,I think I should go too.
Bra:I'm bustling for adventure so I'll tag along.
Bulma:You know what I'm gonna go too....although I don't want to ruin my new pure silk dress I'm still gonna go for the sake of everybody.
Juhachigou:I would go,but my silk will get ruined to easily plus I gotta watch the kids so they don't do anything really mischeivious.
Beederu:I'll stay too,for the sake of the kids.Be careful Pan!

(In a hovercraft all of the participating members decided to go straight to the woods of North the deep,dark lair of Dr.Gero's lab.....)

Writer:Hey,yo,Gero!Hey that rhymed...oh well.Yo!Why am I in a freakin bubble!?Plus,I thought you was dead!What did you do.....climb outta hell?
Dr.Gero:No....I reincarnated into a cow and then came back to my old body.
Writer:That means I'll reincarnate into a chicken when I
Dr.Gero:NO FOOLISH WOMAN!BAH!You don't know anything.
Writer:So,wassup Gero?Chillin?Doin some lame-o science....?
Dr.Gero:Shut up.....I hate you and I want to destroy you...
Writer:Fine know,since your so smart....can you determine whether my hi-po-thee-sis is correct?
Dr.Gero:FOR the last damn time is hypothesis!!
Writer:I was wondering that.....if everything tastes like chicken,does tasty wheat taste like chicken?
Where does tasty wheat come from?....

(ONE HOUR LATER) if tasty wheat has vitamins and minerals,as Tank's brother would say,where would it be-
Writer:Geez...old man chill!I'll just do something to entertain you.
Dr.Gero:If it's killing yourself,that is something I'd love to see.
Writer:No....I'll say something you time I'm gonna let it come out....this time I'm gonna stand up and shout....gonna do things MY WAY!things MY WAY!MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!-
Dr.Gero:SHUT UP!I hate rock!Plus,I can't stand your horrible screaching!
Writer:Hey!Like you could do any better.....(man,is this dude cheesy or what?What song would pi$s him off the most? I know).......

HIT ME BABY TEN MORE TIMES!!Oh baby was I supposed to know?That I was so butt ugly.Oh baby baby please would'nt you like to know?That I am such a loser!Please sir,would you like to tell me.....that I'm phony stupid and a big fat buttkissar!!My killin me(boo hoo!)I must confess I'm so ugly!OOgalee!I'm gonna say.....i'm a big teeny bopper-don't gimme a sign!!!Just HIT ME BABY TEN MORE TIMES!!

Dr.Gero:AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!STOP IT!I can't stand hearing you hoolargins singing that song all wrong!!It goes like this for god's sake!

HIT BE BABY ONE MORE TIME!!Oh baby was I supposed to know...that-well I forget those loniness is killin me(yeah yeah)I must confess I still belive(still believe)

Writer:SHUT UP!That song makes me sick!!
Dr.Gero:You brought up my favorite song anyways!
Writer:Your such a lame@$$!!(Oh my gosh!I gotta spread the word that Gero's fave singer is the worst diva-teeny bopper that ever lived!!)

(Then suddenly "BAM".Bulma,Botan,Unjoom,Pan and Bra blasted threw the door)

Writer:Yo guys!
Writer:What's up with all the gasps?Guess what dirt I digged up!Gero is makin all the Biomen and Saibamen.That's why new ones kept popping up.They were programmed all weird too.And Gero's fave singer is the biggist dirty teeny bopper that ever lived!

(As all the female's fell over LT@O Gero was very angry and started bringing all the Saibamen and Biomen to life.They jumped out and the females just blasted them to death.Gero was so nervous that they were able to destroy his men so easily but that was until he awakened "BIG BUBBA".His new android.....)

Bubba:DUH.....yous must be them ladies the master hates so much.
Dr.Gero: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!Destory them,Big Bubba.
Writer:Yo!I'm the only one that takes like this Bubba boy!::tries to kick his head off::
Bubba:DUH...he was right...yous are annoying ::grabs her foot::
Writer: ::is hanging upside down:: Heh heh heh...

(As everyone but Bulma jumped it kicking and punching Bubba it was no use.Bubba had cleaned them up and threw them into the walls.Gero had already chickened out and scurried away.As they all were unconcious Bubba started to charge towards Bulma while she just stood there like a still duck.He grabbed her arm and she screamed.Who would come to her rescue?)

Bulma:AAAAAHHHHH!!!::starts to kick Bubba::
Bubba:Puny human!

(Suddenly Bubba exploded.Bulma fell to the ground relieved as the tears welled up in her eyes)

Vegeta:Now you have your hands off my woman!Now get the hell away from my family!
Bulma: ::runs to Vegeta:: OH VEGETA!! ::hugs him::
Vegeta: ::blushes:: Not infront of public woman!(and no one is even watching!)

(They stop when the suddenly hear a scream.The look right and Vegeta gets angry as he sees that Dr.Gero has trapped Bra in his arms strangling her.He has a gun to her head.)

Dr.Gero:Come any closer and she'll die!
Vegeta:Let's go of my daughter before I blast you to death!
Dr.Gero:That is IF you every blast me to death.MUAHAHAHAHA!
Vegeta:INSANE old man!

(Suddenly a "boingee boingee" sound was heard and the next thing you know Gero was unconcious and Bra flew into her parents' arms.)

Chichi:THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO INTERFERE!!YAAA!! ::smashes his android head to pieces.The boings over to everyone else.)

Bulma:Chichi,I thought your leg was badly injured.
Juhachigou:I managed to get here.And you won't believe who came by to watch kids.
Chichi:I can at least bounce all the way over here and have a hard kick.

(They turn around and see all the guys.Goku takes off his sunglasses)

Goku:Aloha!Man!You guys creamed all these little guys by yourselves?
Writer:Yeah....we sure dud....ugh! wife did it again..
Anzel,Jawnouchi,Wratchet,Kollin:My mom did it again.
Kuririn:We brought back suvinoirs for you all.

(They all flew back to the Son household where all the guys threw a party foreverybody and they partied all night.Althought there was a little bloodshed between Bulma and Oolong.....)


Okay that was lame ending I know it.....but it was kinda all at the last minute...


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