BP Adventures-Prologue
Pan sat on the ledge in front of her windowsill and stared absently at the bright stars above her.  Soft, calming, pop music that flowed from her stereo set a nice, lazy mood for the evening.
 { Thatís enough thinking about Trunks for one night,} she told herself.  {I have to go shopping with Bra tomorrow, knowing her Iíll need all the rest I can get.  Besides, all this thinking about him is beginning to make me think that I might become some psychotic stalker one day.   Why do I have to fall for him?  A guy thatís fourteen years older than me.  Not to mention my best friendís brother, Tweedle Dumbís best friend and he just happens to be a close family friend as well.  I sure know how to pick Ďem.  And itís not some silly little crush either.  Iím actually in love with him. Sighing loudly, how could I let this happen?  I donít even remember when I fell in love with him.  He always seemed like a big bro to me, just like Tweedle Dumb . . .  But somewhere along the way, it wasnít like that anymore.  I started to think about him so much it scares  me.  I donít  know how to act around him.  Whenever I hear someone say Trunks my face immediately heats up.  Being in the same area with him causes my body to tense up and my palms to sweat. It took me a year to act ďnormallyĒ around him. But even now, I canít do it all the time, especially when his recent girlfriends are around. I  just make up an excuse to leave.  I canít  stand watching Trunks with someone else. }
Producing a yawn, Pan pulled down the curtains from her window.  She shuffled toward the stereo to turn it off.  Climbing into bed, completely exhausted, she fell asleep within seconds.
 ďPan!  Pan!  Sweetie wake up!  Itís nine Ďo clock!Ē
  Half opening her eyes to the familiar screaming, Pan instantly recognized the blurred image of her irritated mother looming over her with hands on her hips and brows knitted. Videlís dark looks reflected her demanding attitude. Her short ebony hair strongly contrasted her pale, milky face. Her toned figure reflected her independence and strength. Videlís deep raven eyes matched the shade of her hair. Even though she looked fearsome at times, she could also be a sweet person.
 ď Pan!  What did you do last night that made you sleep so heavily? Itís nine Ďo clock and you know Bra-chan is going to come by and pick you up. Brush your teeth and wash your face.  Breakfast is almost ready.Ē  Videl said sternly as she walked out of the room.
 Pan dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom.  Fifteen minutes later she ran down the stairs, still dressed in her PJís:
 ďKonnichiwa Kassan.  Mmmmm that smells good.  Is breakfast ready yet?  I can feel my stomach churning already.Ē
 Videl placed four plates and two glasses of juice on the table.  Two with scrambled eggs, ham and home fries.  The other two with toast.
 ď Doko ni Tousan?  Did he leave for work already?Ē
 ď Yes he did dear.  He had to go to the office early this morning.  He has an important meeting with one of his colleagues.Ē
 Son Gohan became a scholar as soon as he finished college. His mother dreamed of the day he would become one, while his father, Son Goku, only cared about his happiness.
Gohan, who was half Saiyan, had inherited many traits from his father, like his wild black hair and tall, muscular physique.  However, unlike his father, his hair was able to grow, which allowed him the option to alter his hair style. Gohanís wild hair stuck straight up in a crew cut.  The children gained their good hearts and ability to fight from their parents, as well as
their pallid skin and dark, midnight eyes.
ď Do you want seconds Pan dear?Ē
 ď No thanks Kassan. Iím full.  Iím not like Jiichan and the others.Ē  Pan said laughing.
  Videl chuckled ď Sou da ne, I often wonder how Okassan and Bulma-san feed their families.  Are you sure you donít want anymore?  Shopping with Bra-chan is going to use up a lot of your energy. ď
 ď No thanks, Iím stuffed,Ē she giggled. ďI know,  I keep telling her with all the energy and time she puts into shopping, sparring would be like a walk in the park for her! I better go get dressed and fix my hair.  Iím gonna go to Capsule Corporation after shopping, so Iíll probably be home late. ď
 ď Alright dear, then Iíll just make dinner for me and your father tonight.ď
 Pan went up the stairs to her room.  She took out denim shorts and a  white tee decorated with blue flowers from her closet. After tying her hair up in a pony tail, she went downstairs to put on her white and blue sneakers.  A few seconds later Bra showed up.
 ď Konnichiwa Videl-san. Kassan asked me to give you these capsules.  Hey Panny you ready to go? ď
 ď Konnichiwa Bra-chan.  Tell Bulma-san I said arigato.  Omaetachi have fun. Ē
 ď Hai!  Sayonara ď Both said in unison.  With that they left for the mall in Braís air capsule car.