BP Adventures Chapter 3

Iím Not Really Sure of the Words to Say
If Only You Knew That I Feel This Way
I Wanna Give My Heart to You
Show Me the Way That You Want Me To
Oh. . . What Will I Do?
   -- Natalie Burks

ď I canít stand those two yelling at eachother.  Itís a good thing you thought of getting snacks Goten.  I must admit what Panny did to Niichan was funny though.  One more minute in there and Niichan wouldíve gotten very angry at us all. ď
 ď Yeah I know.  Iíve never seen anything make Trunks red like that.  Meen Bow Toe mustíve really gotten to him.  Itís sugoi. I donít remember having this much fun in years. ď
 ď  Demo, didnít you and Niichan have fun on your dates? ď
 Bra couldnít help asking.  { Oh no!  Why did I have to say that?  Iím not supposed to ask Goten about his love life.  Uh oh.  Iím in trouble now. } To Braís surprise, Goten answered her as honestly as he could.
 ď All the dates weíve been on have been fun, but. . . ď
 ď But?!!!!! ď
 Bra began to blush at the realization of saying what she thought out loud.  Goten didnít seem to notice.  He considered it an average question.  A question he has been trying to find the answer to.  Seemingly lost in thought he replied.
 ď But they were just dates with girls I felt I had to impress. I never really felt comfortable wití them.  Thatís why they never lasted that long. When Iím with you guys, I can act like myself.  I donít have to impress anyone. ď
 ď Oh I see.  Iím just not special enough for you. ď
 ď Itís not just you itís all of you. ď
 Added Goten.  Fully unaware of what Bra had actually meant.  After that one sentence, she felt as if she couldnít look at him, ever.  She took the beverages and quietly headed back to their seats.
 ď Bra?  Wait up.Ē
 Bra ignored him and kept on walking at a slower pace.  { Why is she acting so strange? }
 ď Bra? Do you feel sick? ď
 Goten asked noticing the sudden paleness on her face.
 { Sick in the heart you baka.  I never thought Goten could be this slow.  But then again that is one of the reasonís I love him.  Heís so innocent.  Oh maybe I should act like nothing happened.  It was my fault for making that remark about how I wasnít special enough for him.  He just meant heís comfortable with all of us.  And that is a good thing. }
 ď Iie Goten-san.  Daijoubu. ď
 Bra told him with a weak smile.  All Goten could do was to stare at her.  { Did she just call me Goten-san?  Something has to be wrong.  Sheís mad at me.  But all I said was--What I said before,she probably took it the wrong way, but I have to be sure. }
 ď Bra?  Please donít lie to me.  I know your mad. ď
 ď Iie, itís nothing.  Come on, all that food your carrying must be getting to be a burden for you. ď
 ď Bra-chan, Iím not moving until you tell me. ď
 { Kami-sama!  Did he just call me Bra-chan?  He hasnít called me that since I was a little kid.  He use to call me Bra-chan whenever I was upset.  For some reason, it always made me feel better, just a little. }
 ď Iíll tell you why when the movie starts k? ď
 ď But-ď  Goten opened his mouth to protest.  Bra quickly cut him off.
 ď But nothing.  If we donít hurry weíll miss the movie. Ē
 Goten consented in defeat and followed her back to their seats.
ď Panny?  Daijoubo? ď
 Bra asked her friend.  She and Goten just came back with the snacks.   Like Trunks said, Goten used his chi to hold up everything.  Bra was carrying the drinks.
 ď Meen Bow Toe just said that me and Goten eat too much.  I dunno why she finds it funny.  Goten you have a weird neice. ď
 They all looked at Pan confused.  Pan finally managed to stop.
 ď  Ok Ok Gomen.  It was nothing.  Sit down.  Theyíre starting to dim the lights.  The movieís starting. ď
 Bra and Goten took their seats.  Trunks let go of Panís hands and allowed her to lean back against her seat.
 ď Bra?  You said weíd talk when we got back.  Now tell me why you acted that way. ď
 { How can I tell him Iím in love with him?  That I got so mad easily because what he said drained my hope.  Well, I slipped once already.  If Iím going to embarrass myself completely, I might as well do it all in one night. }  Bra tried to look directly into Gotenís eyes, but couldnít bring herself to.  Instead she gave up trying and looked down at her fidgeting hands in her lap.
 ď I. . . Um. . . Goten-san, I I think I, no I know I have, um. . . feelings. . . for you.Ē
 ď Feelings for me? ď
 { If I donít look at him and see whatís on his face, good or bad, Iíll regret it. } Bringing her head up, Bra looked indifferently at Goten.  She didnít want his answer to be based on the sadness in her eyes.  She wanted the honest truth.  No matter how much itíd hurt.  She continued. . .
 ď Hai. I know that Iím foolish to think so, but I cannot deny how and what I feel.  I understand that you might not feel the same, but I just couldnít lie any longer. Please, be honest with me. ď
 Goten was speechless.  His best friendsí little sister, a girl he considered his own little sister as well, had just told him that she had feelings for him.  Judging from the tension he felt, it was not an ordinary crush.  It was more.  Images of all the times he spent with Bra flashed through his mind.
 ď Bra?  Honestly, I donít know what I feel.  But. . . I know I feel something.  Give me time to think about this. ď
 Goten said softly.  { I want to explain to her what I meant back at the refreshment stand, but now is not the time. } Bra closed her eyes and exhaled in relief.  { He said he felt something for me.  Yes!  Maybe, itís not hopeless. }
 ď How about we watch the rest of the movie and talk about this later? ď she suggested.
 Goten gave her a faint smile.  He reached over and gave her hands a light squeeze.
 ď And you guys held hands throughout the whole movie? ď  Pan said in disbelief.
Bra sighed happily.
ď Hai. . . even though it was only a tiny gesture of affection, one that could either be from love or from friendship, it was enough for me. ď
Panís eyes and jaw dropped open.
ď Oh Panny donít worry.  I didnít forget about our little talk about you and Niichan. ď
ď Bra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I donít get how you act like an airhead wití me and wití Tweedle Dumb you act all smart. ď
Bra sighs again.
ď I canít explain it Panny.  Itís just that when I think about Goten everything feels so different.  But I am NOT an airhead!  I just act like that sometimes because.  Hmmm. . .  I donít know.  I just do. ď
Pan rolled her eyes.
ď You and Tweedle Dumb are perfect for eachother.  Heís the same way.  Iím gonna go take a shower now. ď
ď Matte, after you take a shower, you can wear your cutest nightie and go see Niichan! ď
ď I didnít bring a nightie, that stuff is uncomfortable. I brought sweats and a tank. ď
ď Panny!  Sweats and a tank???  How do you expect  Niichan to notice how beautiful you are if youíre wearing sweats and a tank??? ď
 ď I dunno.  But Iím not in the mood to look good for him.  Besides, after he finds out what I did to him, heíll be real pissed. ď
 Pan had an evil grin on her face.
 ď Panny!  What did you do? ď
 ď During the movie, when he got up to get some popcorn off his shirt, I dumped this mixture of popcorn, cheese, nachos and chocolate on his seat.  He sat on it and now thereís this big brown stain on his butt!  It looks like he pooped in his pants! ď
 Bra burst out laughing.
 ď Panny!  I canít believe you did that!  Niichan will kill you! ď
 ď He deserved it.  He spilled soda on my leather pants! ď
 ď You two are crazy!  Iím going to take a shower as well.  I want to look nice for Goten.  Iím going to wear my seagreen nightie.  Iíll tell you all about it later. ď
 ď Alright.  Iím gonna go now.Ē
 Bra started to dig threw her closet for the perfect nightie, while Pan went down the hall to the bathroom.
 ď And thatís what happened. ď
 ď You held hands wití imoutochan the whole time?  I didnít see anything!  Nandeyo!  I didnít even hear you guys talk! Ē
Trunks exclaimed.
ď I gotta go take a shower and change for Bra. Laters. ď
ď I was gonna ask you to spar, but since youíre gonna go see imoutochan, Iíll just take a shower and eat something.  Laters. Ē
Trunks and Goten each found clothes to sleep in and headed off to their destinations.