BP Adventures – Chapter 5

 The girls had spent most of Saturday packing.  After eating a hearty dinner and taking a quick shower, Pan sat on the ledge of her window and looked up at the night sky.
{ We leave for the cruise tomorrow.  I wonder if Trunks would miss me?  Of course he wouldn’t.  What am I saying?  Yesterday was surprising.  I would’ve never guessed Bra and Tweedle Dumb hooking up like that. They looked so happy together when me and Trunks saw them hugging. They’re so lucky. }
“ Pan sweetie?  Shouldn’t you be sleeping now? “
 Pan saw her father at the doorway carrying a stack of books
 “ I was just about to go to sleep Tousan.  Do you need me to help you put those books away? “
 “ No thanks sweetie.  You have a big day ahead of you. I just wanted to see if you were ok with me and my new job. “
 “ You mean about you becoming a science professor at OSU?  Of course I’m ok with it!  It’s not my job!  If you like it Tousan, that’s all that counts. “
 Gohan smiled at his daughter.
 “ I chose it because I was tired of being a scholar.  It takes up too much time.  I haven’t seen Piccolo-san, Otousan, Okassan and Goten in a month.  And the only time I see you and your mother is at dinner.  Being a professor will give me more free time. “
 “ That’s good.  I miss visiting Piccolo-san together.  I can visit Jiichan, Obassan and Tweedle Dumb anytime, but visiting Piccolo-san without you is weird.  I saw him last week and he taught me how to throw chi discs. “
 “ I’m sure you’ll become a strong fighter like Otousan one day. “
 “ Iie Tousan!  I wanna be strong like you!  We all know if you trained as much as we do you’d be impossible to beat! “
 Gohan smiled at his daughter gratefully and kissed her on the forehead.
 “ Now that I have some free time, we can train together, alright?  Now get some rest. “
 Pan nodded happily. “ Hai. ”
 “ The helper said our room number is the same as our entry number, which is 128.  “
Pan looked over at the paper Bra was holding.
“ Then this should be the room.  Hey it’s opened. “
 Bra and Pan dropped their capsule suitcases on the floor and found the room much to their liking.  The large room had white walls decorated with various paintings.  Navy blue carpeting was on the floor.  A sofa and coffee table were in the middle of the room with a TV in front it.  Near the sofa was a table and some chairs.  On the wall of the porthole, there was an air conditioner and a minbar. On the wall adjacent to the doorway was a medium sized bathroom.  Bra opened the door. It contained two sinks, a toilet and a bathtub equipped with a shower head and plastic curtains.  The mirrors opened up to reveal tiny shampoo bottles and soap bars.   There was a garbage can next to the right side of the sink.  On the opposite end was a mini table with towels on it.
“ Panny?  Why do u look so sad?  This room is gorgeous! “
“ Bra!  You’re not going to see Tweedle Dumb for a whole month and you don’t feel the least bit sad? “  Pan asked incredulously.
“ Oh I see, you miss Niichan, ne?  Goten and I decided to call eachother every night.  And if that isn’t enough, he said he would fly over here.  So there’s nothing for me to worry about.  Come on, I think these two doors lead to the bedrooms. I wish Misao and Minako didn’t have to go to Europe this summer.  They could’ve stayed in the room across from us. “
The girls surveyed the first bedroom.  Like the living room, the walls were white with paintings on it.  The carpet was navy blue.  There was an air conditioner next to one of the beds and there was a TV against the wall.  Across from the TV were two beds made out of wood.  It had intricate carvings and light blue blankets on it.  A walk-in closet was located a few feet away from the beds.  The second bedroom was identical to the first.
“ This is going to be a great month.  I still can’t believe you won that contest! “
“ I know. I thought I lost the entry form, I guess I didn’t. I’m glad to see you’re not so gloomy anymore. “
Pan grinned.
“ Well, this is an all expense paid vacation.  It would be a waste if I didn’t enjoy it.”  She found a note and two key cards on the coffee table.  “ It says here right after we drop off our stuff and get our keycards, we’re supposed to meet the other winners in the dance hall for some kind of welcome speech. “
 “ Alright, ikisho. “
 After an interesting evening, Pan fell back on her bed, fatigued.
 “ I can’t believe I’m tired already. I know we’re not crazy!  What we saw was real! “
 “ Shikashi when we went back to check after dinner, it was gone.  We probably imagined the whole thing. “
 “ Bra!  I know what I saw!  Something took big bites out of that person!  That’s not something I usually imagine! “
 They looked grimly at eachother.  Right before dinner, Pan spotted a pair of legs sticking out under the stage at the dance hall.  Dragging Bra with her to get a closer look, they got a glimpse of the whole body.  The arms looked like they were bitten off.  There was another big bite mark on the right waist.  Blood gushed out from the large opening.  Bits of what could be the liver and the large and small intestines slid out.  Before the girls could recover from their shock, they were swept away by the mob of other contest winners trying to get to their rooms.  After eating salad for dinner, they went back to the dance hall only to discover the body was gone.  There were no blood or organs to be seen anywhere.
 “ I can’t get that horrible image out of my head.  I need to call Goten and tell him about this.  I’m not sure what to think anymore. “
 Pan remained quiet while Bra took out her cellphone and dialed Goten’s number.  {There was no way that body was an illusion.  It was too disgusting.  The big question is, what could do that, and how to defeat it without letting it kill anymore people? }
“ Goten are you sure you want to do that?  What about the restaurant?  Honto? Alright if its not too much trouble for you.  Just remember not to tell our parents.  We don’t want them to worry if this is nothing, ne?  Don’t forget room 128. Love you too. Bye.”
“ Panny!  Goten said it might be dangerous so he’s going to fly here tonight.  I told him not to tell our parents about this, just in case it’s nothing.  He’s calling Niichan right now to see if he wants to come. “ Bra said, closing her cellphone.
“ Honto?  That’s good.  Now maybe we can get to the bottom of this. “
 “ Moshi Moshi.  You’re going to what?  Nodze?  Yeah I’ll come.  Meet me at my house in half an hour.  I need to pack. “
 “ Alright.  Ja ne. “
 { Masaka!  A body looked like it was eaten by something?  I know I should feel worried and stuff, but I feel excited too.  Where did I put my capsule suitcases?  Yosh! Here they are. }  Trunks droppedthe capsule on the floor.  He began packing his toothbrush, washcloth, various hair styling products, and some clothes.  Half an hour went by and Goten showed up.
 “ You ready to go? “
 “ Aa.  Did Imoutochan tell you where the yacht’s located? “
 “ Follow me. “
 Goten and Trunks arrived on the yacht in an hour.
 “ Room 128? “
 Trunks asked.  Before Goten could reply, the door swung open.
 “ Took bakatachis long enough to get here.  Guess old age has been catching up huh? Aaaahhhhh!! That’s not fair!  Two against one! “
Pan cried out when Goten and Trunks tickled her.  They eventually stopped and settled in.
“ Goten, you stay here with the girls, I’m gonna check out that dance hall. “
“ Matte!  I wanna go with you. “
Trunks looked at Pan hesitantly for a second, but consented.
“ Fine, you come with me.  This shouldn’t take long anyway. “
 As soon as Trunks and Pan stepped out, Bra pulled Goten into a hard, hungry kiss.
 “ There, underneath the stage curtains. “  Pan pointed.
 Trunks lifted the curtains up and froze.
 “ Gomenasai!  I seemed to have lost my ring during the welcome speech, and we were just looking for it.  We’re so sorry we disturbed you. “  Pan said, trying to sound convincing.
“ Oh that’s quite alright. My wife and I were bound to get caught one of these days.  We’ve been married ten happy years, as you can see, we’ve still got it. “  The middle-aged waiter chuckled, trying to cover up his wife.  “ This is our secret meeting place during breaks.  Could you please do us a favor and keep this little incident between the four of us? “
 “ Oh of course! It was our fault for interrupting.  Please excuse us, I probably lost my ring in the dining hall.  We’ll go check there now.  Come on Trunks. “  Pan giggled apologetically, lugging the dumbfounded Trunks away as she pulled the curtain down and let the married couple return to their “break.”  She stopped when they reached the deck.  They stood there silently watching the waves crash against the stem of the yacht. Pan chuckled.
 “ I wonder if I’ll act like that when I’m married, they looked pretty lively for a couple that’s been married for ten years. “
 Trunks finally came out of his shock.
 “  When do you wanna married? “
{ Che, does everyone wanna get hitched but me? } He thought.  Pan was quiet for a moment.
“ This is gonna sound weird, demo. . . I don’t think I wanna get married.  Getting married sounds so, I dunno, so old.  Maybe I’ll do it when I’m thirty.  It’s not that I wanna stay single till then, but I’m just not ready for that kind of responsibility. “
Trunks was once again stunned.
“ I thought I was the only crazy one to think like that. “
“ I know it’d sound crazy to most people, but that’s just how I feel.  Is that why you could never keep a girl?  They wanted to get married and you said you weren’t ready?  “  Pan asked.
“ Not really.  All the women I’ve went out with I didn’t love.  Marriage never came up. “
 “ Nani?  Shikashi, you were with Marron for two years!  Wasn’t that love?  Two years is a pretty long time. “
 Trunks smiled weakly.
 “ Actually, she was the one who made me realize all the time I’ve been wastin’ wit’ all the wrong women.  I think I only went out with her because she seemed like the perfect girl.  I thought that’s what I wanted, I was wrong.  I haven’t met anyone who drives me crazy.  I can’t describe it, but if I ever found someone who I thought about every single second, I know it has to be love. “
 A very astonished Pan tore her eyes away from the mesmerizing rippling in the water to gaze at Trunks.  She had to see for herself if there was actually some truth to his words. His look of muse said it all. { I can’t believe he said that.  He . . .  he has never fallen in love. He wants someone he can’t resist.  Marron seemed pretty irresistable to me. That. . . that means I don’t have a chance.}  Pan’s stare softened in despair.  {Maybe it’s better this way. . . I knew we weren’t meant to be.  There’s so many things in standing in our way. I should be trying to get over him, not get with him. }
 “ Come on, let’s go back inside, you’re shivering. “ Trunks said. He took her hand in his, leading her back to their room.  {That’s funny, her hands feel weak, but her fingers aren’t cold. }
 Pan didn’t budge.  “ Matte.  Bra and Tweedle Dumb are still in there.  We should give them some privacy. “
 “ Nodze? “  Trunks asked.
“ Ohhh! “  He said, when the notion finally hit him.
“ What about you?  You’re still shaking. “  His face crinkled in his familiar look of concern.  Pan just looked down at their feet when he tried to keep her warm by brushing his hands up and down her arms.
“ We seem to be like this a lot huh? “
Pan looked up confused.
 “ What’re you talking about? “
“ Don’t you remember Friday night? “
She murmured mmmm and nodded, indicating that she remembered.  Slightly smiling, she playfully poked his chest with her index finger.
“ And if I remember correctly, it was all your fault. “  Pan said, meaning his fault in more ways than one, of course he didn’t know that.
Trunks simpered and wrapped his arms around her.
“ Oi!  What I did was from the goodness in my heart, I swear! See, I’m keeping you warm. “
 Pan looked at him sarcastically.
 “ Oh sure.  You’re a real saint. “  She said mockingly.  “ Let’s go back inside.  We’ve given Bra and Tweedle Dumb enough privacy. “  { And if he holds me like this any longer, it’ll take a crowbar to get me off. }