The pic above was drew/colored  by Brianna and editted by Haruko.
Welcome! Welcome!
GTM never left out for its fanarts collection. Here you may find tons of cool fanarts by Haruko and other profesional-like Fan-Artists. If you have any fanarts to share with us, PLEASE! Don't be shy! Just send 'em in! (^_^). Just click on the map beside to enter the gallery! Enjoy!
The Gallery have two parts:
Haruko's Gallery
Guests' Gallery

Reminders: The FanArts Section is under the management of Rukawa, Animako and Sara-chan.

April 26th, 2001: YAY! FINALLY we added some more new arts! There 4 of them ^_^. All nice, even! Enjoy! 

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The pic above was drew by Brianna.Desclaimer: DragonballZ/DragonballGT Copyright© by Akira Toriyama, TOEI Animation. Fanarts and Fanfics belongs to its' parmenant authors/artists; "GTM Website"(2000) hosted by  Team GTM and the website-"Goten, Trunks and Marron's DBGT Fanfics Page" together with GTM Arts officially created, editted, and maintained by Haruko. It is illegal to steal something without the webmistresses permission.
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