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When Trunks Found Out...Everything
Hello! Have we met before? ^_^ Ah yes. You again. Just haven't had enough Marron/Trunks piccies,huh? Well welcome to my SECOND Illustrations Gallery. Nothing much here except more Trunks and Marron pics... more special *grins*. Anyway, I hope you peoples (especially the ones who requested it) will enjoy and...well, just enjoy ^_^.
NOTE: Pic originally DREW, COLORED and EDITTED by HaRUko^. Oh, several pics here were also colored by my friend, Chichi. Thank you so much Chichi-chan! ^_^

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Okey now,
stop here. ^_^.
Time to leave them alone...
 Doesn't it makes you wanna read the whole chapter all over again? ((^_^))
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