Hello! ^_^ This is Haruko and welcome to our V&C Session!

Welcome to our humble, yet peaceful Views and Comments session with me, your Webmistress Haruko ^_^. Here, we accept every questions, every comments, every suggestion and will be replied by me, or anyone from Team GTM ^_^. Every entries also will be posted here so everyone could read it. So, start sending us your comments/suggestions now by filling the forms below! ^_^ Sankyuu!

The main objective I brought this session up is none other than to improve GTM itself. It doesn't matter if one opinion is flattering while the other is 'flamable', because both praise and critics would always 'push' us to work harder to get GTM better. In other words, this session is for everyone own good; from the hardworking webmasters to the loyal visitors from around the world. Not only we will receive comments from the visitors, but suggestions and questions as well.  GTM is not a 'perfect' website where every fans can get everything they need, but we will try our best to satisfy everyone's interests. Therefore, every useful and helping suggestions for the site would be highly appreciated.  You may also send in your questions about the site or DBZ/GT series and we will try our best to answer them. But no nonsense questions please..>:(. Don't ask questions such as "Why Kamesennin is bald?" or "Why Picollo is green?". Also, don't ask personal questions that may be offensive >:(. All these, will be ignored.

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