Part One: Bra-chan 

The clock said it was only close to three p.m., but somehow school was dismissed earlier than on other days. She glanced at her watch while waiting for her friend out by the gate. She hated that. Somehow, she found out she acted more like her dad, even though she’s the carbon copy of her mother. She really hates waiting for people. Especially this long. She sighed and just stood there—waiting.   
Bra turned around when she heard someone call her name. It was her classmate. The girl was panting heavily as she has just jogged at least 100 miles. Bra just looked at her.   
“Gomen, sorry I’m late. That group of guys over there…they wanted me to give this note to you. That’s why I’m late—they took so much time writing it!” Bra’s eyes widened as her friend, Merle, handed over a piece of white paper.   
Bra just stood there, reading the unexpected note quietly. After awhile, she giggled and placed the paper in her school bag. Merle stared at her blue-haired friend.   
“C’mon, Merle, let’s go home.” Bra pulled on her friend’s arm without giving a single clue what she had just read.   
“Well?” Merle asked curiously.   
“Well what?” Bra replied innocently.   
“What did they say, of course!” Merle exclaimed.   
“Oh. Nothing. Kaede just wanted me to go out with him. And then a bunch of other nonsense that guys always tells girls. Stupid stuff, no big deal,” Bra said.   
Merle could tell that Bra would not go out with Kaede. “Nani? You’re kidding? He's the basketball star in our school! Any girl would be famous if she could hang around with him!”   
“Yeah.” Bra sighed heavily. “FAMOUS! Now, can we go home? That biology test gave me the biggest headache…”   

With that, they both walked home together.   

Actually, Bra wasn’t surprised when guys asked her out or sent her bouquets of flowers. Candies and love notes didn’t surprise her either. It upset her a little, though, that girls in school would glare at her in jealously. But she knew why—it was because she was the most well known and richest girl in her school (if not the world) and then her mother was ex-president of Capsule Corporation, and that position was now her brother’s. But the thing she was most proud of, the thing that no one at school knew, was that she was the daughter of a Saiyajin Prince. Her father was never officially proclaimed King, but she’s still the Princess of the Saiyajin royal family. And that is what she is really proud of.   


Another day, another date. Goten sat in the Satan Cafeteria and waited for his girlfriend Paris patiently. He couldn’t help noticing that most of the people passing him were students. “So, school’s out,” he mused, looking at the clock on the wall. After 20 minutes, Paris still hadn’t met him.   
Goten had done a lot of heavy thinking lately. Is it going to be like this forever? Will his relationship with Paris last forever? Paris wasn’t the only girl he’s dated. He had dated a lot during high school and the year after that…and then after that…   
But he always got dumped, and the girls always used lousy excuses. Paris had, so far, given him the love he needed. He hoped that he could marry her someday. However, he knew that sort of feeling wouldn’t last forever, so he just made up his mind to just enjoy what he had.   
“And at least I didn’t get stuck behind some desk somewhere signing documents!” Goten grinned when he thought of his best friend, Trunks, who got roped into the Presidency of Capsule Corp. No wonder the poor guy was still single. It would be hard for Trunks to have a serious relationship when he’s so busy all the time. Goten was SO glad he was not a busy guy.   
10 more minutes passed and there was still no sign of Paris. Had she forgotten him? He finished his second glass of orange juice. Whenever he waited for Paris, he always got really thirsty.   

Goten’s eyes brightened when he saw Paris. “Hi!” He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and pulled out her chair.   
“Goten-kun…I’m sorry, I can’t stay,” she told him, wiping the sweat on her forehead using a tissue.   
“Why? You’re busy?” Goten asked.   
Paris lowered her head. “Yes…I have a very important meeting with the designers in 10 minutes.”   
Goten stared at her. He knew how busy models were, especially when they’re famous, like Paris. But he still felt upset that Paris had to leave so soon. He tried to understand. He took her hands and held them firmly. She looked up at him. “Well,” he said, “at least I got to see you for a little while.” He smiled at her. “Since you’re in such a hurry, why don’t I take you there right now?” he offered. Goten liked taking Paris to her appointments rather than just having her leave him alone in the cafeteria.   
“Sure,” Paris answered softly.   
Goten paid for his orange juice and they left the cafeteria hand in hand. Goten held her hand so tight…he wanted to hold on forever.   

But he knew that someday, he would have to let it go.   

"Don't You See" by ZARD