PART 3: Just the Beginning   

“I just don’t get it. You’re the richest girl I know, but you still have to walk home? Don’t you have a personal driver or something?” Merle seemed to ask a ton of questions on their way home from school.  
“I can FLY home if I want to!” Bra wanted to yell, but of course she didn’t. Merle would just ask more questions. “Let’s just say I prefer walking and enjoying the surroundings,” she told her friend, rolling her eyes.  
While they were talking, a guy suddenly showed up from behind them and patted Bra’s left shoulder.  


Bra turned around and was obviously shocked. “Goten-kun!” she exclaimed. “You scared the crap out of me!”  
“Whoops! Gomen, B-chan!” Goten put his hands together like he was praying for forgiveness. “Glad to see you here!”  
“Didn’t Trunks tell you?”  
“Obviously not! I’m not home yet! What is he going to tell me?” Bra asked.  
“Well, my mom suggested another family get-together, since everyone hasn’t been together for a long time!”  
“What do you mean? It’s only been about six months since my mom made dinner for everyone at our house.” Bra frowned.  
“Well, yeah, but that was only a big dinner. Now we’re having a big picnic.”  
“Pic—picnic?” Bra stammered a drop of sweat rolled down her forehead. Someone would NOT like that. Yes. Her father. He hates picnics.  
“Yes! A picnic!” Goten sounded extremely excited. “So are you coming?”  
“Of course I will!” Bra smiled up at him.  
“Great! I’ll see you there!” Goten waved goodbye and left. His smile had never ever seemed so sweet. Somehow, Bra forgot all about her friends who were standing beside her.  
“Whoa…who was that?” Merle asked, watching Goten walk off. “He is majorly cute!”  
“Pan’s uncle.”  
“Son Pan? Isn’t she Mr. Satan’s granddaughter?”  
Bra nodded.  
“How old is he?” Merle asked, referring to Goten.  
Bra thought for a while, then answered. “He’s twenty-seven.”  
“No kidding! He looks about twenty…and one very fine, good-looking guy!”  
Yeah, well, look at my father and tell me that you believe he’s already 60+, Bra thought. That was another thing she was proud of, being part-Saiyajin, she’ll stay young…maybe forever.  
“Well, does he have a girlfriend?” Merle grinned.  
Bra wanted to say “Yes,” but somehow she couldn’t. “You just LOVE to ask questions, don’t you?” she replied.  
Merle just giggled and started to walk again, but Bra stood there motionless, thinking about what she felt while talking to Goten. Why did I feel so nervous? she thought. Her head is still pounding, and she knew it wasn’t because of the shock she felt when Goten patted her shoulder, but when he was standing there talking to her, when he smiled, when he chuckled, when he waved goodbye…it was all happening too fast. Bra stared at the road Goten had gone down.  

“Goten-kun…” She touched her cheek lightly when she started to blush.  

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