Part 7: The Picnic! 

"I think I have a fever."
"Oh, please! Vegeta, no more excuses! You're coming with us, and we're going RIGHT NOW!" Bulma pushed her
husband to their car and they were ready to go.
"Trunks! You drive!"
"Okay, okay. Anything you say, Okasan." Trunks sighed and slowly started the car and took off.
"Satan Beach, here we come!" Bra sang happily. Her father grumbled the entire way.

After a few minutes of driving, they finally arrived. The Son family had gotten there earlier, preparing the food and other stuff. ChiChi was the first to see them.
"Hey!" she called. "They're here!"
"ChiChi!" Bulma approached her longtime friend and gave her a hug.
"It's been a long time!" ChiChi wiped her eyes.
"Only six months," Bulma reminded her.
"I know! But we missed you!"
"Oh, I missed you too!" Bulma gave another hug.
"I hope Vegeta-san doesn't mind…"
"Don't worry about it." Bulma glared at her husband. "He's going to have a GREAT time."
Vegeta snorted.
Everyone left Vegeta alone because he looked awfully angry. Except for one man. Only one man in the entire universe would dare to greet Vegeta in a normal way.
"Oy! Vegeta! Glad you could make it!"
Goku wore only Malibu shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. He tapped Vegeta's shoulder and his never-been-so-annoying-wide-smiley-face grin greeted Vegeta as well.
"Kakarott." Vegeta gritted his teeth. What else could he do? He couldn't chase Kakarott away. After all, this IS Bulma's Picnic or whatever it must be called. And he HAS to make his wife happy, or who knows what might happen to him? Oh, well. One day of suffering couldn't be THAT bad. Hopefully.
"Hey!" Trunks threw a high-five greeting to his best friend.
"Hey, Trunks. How's it going, Mr. President?" Goten laughed wickedly.
"Boring as always," Trunks shot back. "Hmm? That's funny. You're alone. Where's your girlfriend?"
"Coming. After her photo shoot, maybe…" Goten answered hopefully, but it was followed by a light sigh. He grinned again when he caught sight of Bra, who was just standing there behind Trunks.
"Hey," she answered softly.
"Long time no see!"
"Two days?" Bra rolled her eyes.
"Hahaha…well, seems like a long time. Come here!" He pulled Bra close and hugged her tightly, just like any normal teddy-bear hug. But Bra was never so shocked and she was blushing furiously. And Trunks was watching them like it was nothing!
Goten pulled away and looked down at Bra, who stiffened and her eyes widened. "How old are you again?" he asked.
"Six—sixteen," she got out, trembling still.
"Ha! So you're a young lady now!" He smiled at her warmly and let go of her.
"Um, yeah." She nodded. "Excuse me, I'm gonna help Pan over there." She glanced at Goten as she walked away. Again, she saw that sweet, warm smile of his.
For a moment, Goten and Trunks just stood there, silent.
"Wow, she's grown up, Trunks!"
"Tell me something I don't know!" Trunks shrugged.
"C'mon let's go over there."

A few minutes later, almost everyone was there. Even Piccolo with Dende and Popo came down, Krillin and his family and Yamcha and others greeted each other just like in the old days, talking about the memories they all have. The adventures and excitement. How they died but were brought back to life by the DragonBalls. How they were first enemies but now friends. How they fought last times villains. Every funny and unforgettable moment until tears were forming in their
Obviously, they were all happy to seen each other again. Even Vegeta.

Well, maybe.

While they were enjoying the sun and the scenery and the people around them, Goten and Trunks were lying on their lawn chairs with their sunglasses on, hoping to maybe get some girls. The perverted old man Kamesennin was with them, too. And, as usual, he would try to sweep those bikini-clad chicks off their feet, which, as usual, didn't work.
Then one young lady with long blond hair straight down past her shoulders, wearing a sexy suit that showed off her slender body walked past them.
"Whoa." Trunks' eyes widened.
"That, my friend," Goten breathed heavily, pointing at the girl, "is a Goddess!"
"Wonder who she is…" Trunks still focused on the girl.
"That's weird, how come Kamesennin didn't try anything when a hottie like her appeared?" Goten wondered aloud.
"Nah, I see her everyday," Kamesennin replied.
"What? You know her?" Trunks asked curiously.
"Yep. We live together!"
"NANI? Aren't you too old for…"
"You bakas! That's Krillin's daughter!"
Trunks and Goten stared at each other in disbelief. They looked back at Kamesennin, then at the girl, then
back at each other.


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