Part 15: Confession?

        The alarm clock went off at 8:30 a.m., much earlier that usual.  Bra opened her eyes slowly and squinted at the sunlight streaming through her window. She groaned and turned her head to avoid the light and go back to sleep.  Then her eyes flew open as she remembered she had plans with Pan and Marron.  She was going to spend time with her best friends this holiday, and the Girl's Outing was today!
        Bra forced herself to get out of bed and walk towards the bathroom.  When she finally gets in, she stares at
her reflection for a couple of minutes, then made a face.  I really need to wash my hair… she thought, scratching the mangy mess on top of her head.  Suddenly, she remembered something and she looked back in the mirror and touched her right cheek lightly.  She sighed and smiled. "This is where Goten-kun kissed me," she whispered to herself.  She could see herself begin to flush at the thought.  She just stood there for a few minutes, thinking about the previous night…what happened at the park…the ice cream…and the unforgettable moment when Goten kissed her for the very first time.

        "So, Trunks, are you going anywhere today?"
        "Yes, Okasan, I have some meetings to attend."
        "On Sunday?"
        "Hai." Trunks sounded a bit disappointed.
        "Where were you last night, BOY?" Vegeta demanded, staring at his son.  They were both just finishing breakfast.
        Trunks gulped. "Um, what do you mean, Tousan?"
        "You heard me!  I heard your sister come in last night—ALONE!"
        "Well…I, uh…"
        "Trunks!" Bulma cut him off. "Don't tell me you left your sister alone out there!"
        "No, no, NO!  Actually, she was with…" He gulped. "She was with…Goten.  Um…yeah."
        "NANI?  You left your sister with Kakarott's son?" Vegeta demanded.
        "Oh, come on, Vegeta." Bulma tried to calm her husband. "Goten's not so bad…he's always been kind and treats Bra like his own sister!"
        "Still, you have haven't answered MY question.  WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT?" Vegeta exclaimed.
        Trunks started to tremble.  He was afraid that if his father found out…Wait.  He's not a little boy!  He's a MAN!  An ADULT!  He can do whatever he wants, and there's nothing to be afraid off.  Trunks took a deep breath. "Well, I was with…"
        "OHAYO!" Bra skipped down and dropped a kiss on her father's cheek. "Ohayo Tousan!  And…oh, Trunks?  What happened to you?  You look so pale!"
        "Nothing, musume." Bulma smiled. "Your dad just wanted to know where your brother went last night."
        "Oh, well, Trunks went out with Marron-chan, while Goten and I…" She paused. "Goten and I had ice cream. 
We had a lot of fun…"
        Bulma and Vegeta stared at their children blankly.
        "Uh, I gotta go…" Trunks stood up and walked as fast as he could towards the door. "Bra!" He stopped.
"Marron told me that you and Pan and her are going shopping today…"
        "Would you like me to drop you off at her house now?"
        "Oh, sure!  That would be great!  Let me go get my things real quick, be right back!" She ran back to her
room and grabbed her purse and stuff.  She kissed her mother and father on the cheek. "Bye, see you this evening, GOTEN!"
        Everyone in the family stared at her.  She gasped in embarrassment and covered her mouth with her hands. 
She couldn't believe what she had just said.  There was silence for quite a while.
        "Ano…I mean…see you this evening, OTOUSAN!" She rushed towards Trunks and pulled him by the arm so
they could get out of the house.
        Their parents sat there dumbfounded for a minute.  Then, "I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT MY OWN DAUGHTER CALLED ME!"
"Goten?  Now how did THAT name come out of your mouth?"
"Shut up Trunks!  Let's go!"
"NO!  We're not moving until you tell me!"
        Bra sighed. "Okay, okay…it was just a mistake!  No big deal!"
        "I guess you're right." Trunks smiled. "It's not like you're having an affair with him or anything!" He
chuckled.  Bra's face grew red and she hit Trunks' shoulder in embarrassment. 


"My Graduation" by SPEED