Part 25: Hiding From Bra-chan

        His eyes fluttered open slowly as the sunlight streamed through the window.  He looked around, trying to remember why he wasn't in his own room, in his own bed.  Then he looked down, saw Marron, and remembered everything.  She was leaning against him, sleeping on his chest.  She looked so peaceful and happy. "Marron?" he whispered.
        She groaned a bit at his voice, snuggling closer. "Oh, Okasan, I don't want to go to school…" she protested.  Trunks tried not to laugh but then he saw the clock.
        "Oh.  No."  Nine o'clock?  Oh, well, let his secretary deal with it.  Then he paled as he realized he hadn't gone home last night.  He wondered what his mother would do to him.  Ground him?  Nah, she couldn't do that.  Maybe he would just tell them…what? And his dad.  His father would go insane at this.  But he's grown up.  Independent.  A young adult who's old enough to raise his own family, but instead of people calling him the "man of the house," he was still, "the multi-millionaire bachelor." They always teased him about being single.  But not for long, he thought as he looked down at Marron again. "Not for long," he repeated aloud. 
        He touched Marron's head lightly and waited for her to wake up so he could move.  She turned in her sleep and faced the wall.  Trunks shook his head, smiling again?of course, when had he stopped smiling??and went for the bathroom.  He was definitely going to shower this morning.
        He let the cool water run down his body, washing him clean, and making him feel fresh.  He sighed in relief.  He was happy.  And none of this wouldn't have happened if Bra had told him the Marron's little secret.  Maybe having an annoying little sister COULD be helpful.  At least sometimes.
        But when he thought about Bra, he remembered that she had fallen…was falling in love with his best friend.  And he had just found out yesterday, how was he supposed to take it?  Accept it?  Fight it?  He wanted to make Bra happy?especially after what she did for him?but what about Goten?
        He forced the thoughts from his mind. "I'll deal with it later," he mumbled.
        A few more minutes, and was fresh and clean.  He took a towel from under the sink and wrapped it around him.  As he stepped from the bathroom, he saw Marron, who was awake, and staring blankly at something.  Obviously not him.
        "Hey!" he called out gently.  He took a smaller towel and dried his hair. "Good morning!" He smiled and sat
next to her.
        Marron wrapped her body with her comforter, as she was wearing nothing underneath it.  She slowly looked up at him.
        "Is something wrong?" Trunks asked.
        Marron just stared at him, biting her lip. "If…if something…happened to me…I mean, INSIDE me…" She touched her belly. "You?you'll take responsibility for it?"
        Trunks laughed. "Don't worry!" He bent and kissed her forehead. "I'd be glad to!"
        Marron didn't reply to that, saying nothing except, "Hey, you look cute in that," and pointing to the towel he was using.  He looked down and noticed it was a yellow towel with big, red polka dots on it.  Both of them burst out laughing. "I'm gonna take a shower," she finally said, standing up.  She wrapped her robe around her and started for the bathroom. "Oh," she said, turning around and giving him a quick kiss. "Thank you."
        He looked slightly confused as she pulled away. "Thank me?  For what?"
        "Just…thank you." Marron closed the door.  After a quick shower, she hurried to the kitchen to make breakfast, not just for her, but for Trunks, too.  She wondered if she'd have enough food to satisfy his Saiyajin stomach.
        The phone rang.
        "YOU TOLD HIM!"
        Marron covered her ears and let the phone fall.  She cursed and picked it up. "Well, Bra, how could you?"
        "TOLD HIM WHAT?" Marron decided to play stupid.
        "Nice talking to you, Bra, I'm making breakfast right now.  Maybe you'd like to come over and have some?"
        "NO!  Marron, for Dende's sake, LISTEN TO ME!"
        "I've got pancakes and toast and?"
        "Oh, okay, OKAY!  Yes!  I told him!  He made me!"
        "I trusted you, Marron…
        "I know." Marron was truly upset. "I'm sorry.  I'm not a good friend at all…"
        "And thank you."
        "If you want to end this friend?what?  Thank you?"
        "Yes, thank you!" Bra giggled. "I feel much better now that he knows.  It's easier for me somehow…"
        "So you're not mad?"
        "I would think I would be, but I'm not!"
        "YATTA!" Marron cheered. "I'm glad!  Wanna hang out today?"
        "Who called?" Trunks asked as he stepped into the kitchen.  Marron's eyes widened.
        "Huh?  Did I just hear TRUNKS?" Bra exclaimed.
        "OH WOW!  PANCAKES!" he exclaimed. "May I?"
        Marron grabbed him and held his mouth shut.
        "That IS Trunks!  What is HE doing THE?" There was a long pause, then, "Oh.  I see." And a wicked little laugh.
        "Trunks?  No, don't be ridiculous!" Marron forced a laugh. "Of course he's not here!"
        Trunks was getting a bit irritated with this caller and grabbed the phone from Marron. "Hey!  You listen here, buddy, don't ever try to call here and bother her again or else?"
        "TRUNKS?" Bra yelped in surprise.
        "Ooh…ahh…eee!" He trembled when he recognized his sister's voice. "HI!  I'm John Smith!  The telephone man!  I was just trying to fix the phone and…er…" He looked at Marron, who was biting her nails. "And…NICE TALKING TO YOU!  BYE!" He practically threw the phone at Marron.
        "So, John Smith?" Bra asked wickedly. "I wonder where Pocahontas is!"
        "Bra, I really have to…"
        "He is there, isn't he?"
        Bra began laughing. "Come on, you can't lie to me!  You're a terrible liar!"
        "So…tell me the TRUTH!"
        "HE'S NOT HERE!"
        "Oh, really?  So how come he didn't come home last night?"
        "He didn't come home?  Well, how should I know?" Trunks moved closer and tried to hear Bra. "Maybe he just slept at his office!" she added.
        "Then why would his secretary call and ask where he is?"
        "Well…maybe he's asleep in his room and you just didn't see him!"
        "Ha!  I'm in his room right now!"
        Marron's eyes wandered as she thought of more excuses. "Uh…"
        "Trunks is there!"
        "NO, NO, NO!"
        "YES, YES, YES!"
        Bra didn't speak. "Fine.  Look, I've gotta go, okay?  'Bye." She hung up.
        "Bra…" Too late.  She'd already hung up.  Marron sighed and put the phone down. "I didn't tell her…"
        "Why do we have to hide?" Trunks asked.
        "I don't know…it's just that I'm not ready for everyone to know about us, yet."
        "They will have to, sooner or later."
        "Yeah, I know."
        "Um, Marron?"
        "I'm hungry."
        She pinched his cheek. "You're so annoyingly cute!"
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