PART 27: Dakishimetai (I want to hold you)

        "How is he?" Marron asked.
        "Still upset.  Very upset." Trunks sighed.
        A drop of sweat rolled down her face. "Ugh…I can see that." She squirmed and snuggled closer to him. "Oh,
poor Goten.  I just want to…to go…HURT that awful, awful Paris!  As, like, payback."
        "I could ask my father to do it," Trunks offered.
        "I said 'hurt' not 'kill,' Trunks." Marron frowned.
        "Well, if she wasn't committed to him, then it's better this way."
        "I guess." Marron sighed. "I have to go make a phone call…be right back."
        As he waited for her to finish, he picked up the remote and started to channel-surf.  So far, nothing interesting.  He turned around and looked at Marron.  She looked worried.  Trunks wondered what could be bothering her.  He stood up and walked over to her, trying to figure out what was going on based on her side of the conversation about.
        "She's not home yet?  But I thought…Yeah, she left.  Okay.  I'll call back later.  Okay.  Okay.  'Bye, Bulma-obachan." She hung up the phone.
        "Did you just talk to my mother?"
        "Bra's not home yet," Marron told Trunks.
        "Well, it's only nine o'clock."
        "Yeah, but she left around four!"
        "It's still only been five hours." He shrugged.
"Don't worry, okay?  Bra is a strong girl.  I bet she's just fine."
        "No, Trunks," she cut him off. "You can't just leave your sister wandering around out there.  Especially when she's feeling so bad!" Marron opened her closet door and grabbed her coat. "I'm gonna go find her, and you're coming with me!  Let's go!"
        She ran as fast as she could while Trunks followed behind her. "Whoa, Marron, wait a minute!"
        "We forgot to turn off the TV!"
        She groaned. "Trunks!" 

        Bra sat alone in the park, on a swing, moving back and forth slowly.  The night was really cold as the rain had just stopped just a little awhile ago.  She glanced at her watch and it was nine o'clock.  Her mother was probably terribly worried.  She should go home.  But she didn't want to.  Not now.  She just wanted to sit on the swing and enjoy the cool night breeze and the peaceful surrounding and not think.  About anyone.  She smiled to herself until one bud of cherry-blossom dropped on her nose.
        She blinked.
        As she stared at the cherry blossom in her hand, she couldn't help thinking about THAT night.  That night when she and Goten were alone, the beautiful view and the circumstances.

        Goten kissed her.

        And it hadn't been that long ago, but it felt like an eternity had passed.
        She released a light sigh and stopped swinging.  Marron told me to confess.  That's what I have to do. She began pumping slowly. But how?  How can I tell him? She looked up at the sky and noticed the stars were hidden.  It was a gloomy night, she thought.  A few lampposts lit up the park.  It was definitely a romantic place…for lovers, anyway.
        And Oniichan knows everything…he knows I'm in love with Goten.  No, that's not right.  He thinks I just have a crush on Goten…on his best friend!  His best friend that is eleven years old than me!  But it doesn't matter!  He's so right.  So…so…
        "Oh, Goten-kun, why do you have to be so wonderful?" The tortured whisper came from her unbidden.  She blinked back tears and closed her eyes.
        She just couldn't stop thinking about him.  About how she wanted to see him.  About his smile, his laugh, about how his hand brushing against hers, his voice, and his nickname for her.  The way he called her…
        Bra jumped in surprise and turned around.
        And there he was.
        "What are you doing here?" she asked when she caught her breath.
        "Oh, just taking a night stroll. You?" He sat on a swing next to her and began to move slowly.
        "Same." She looked at the ground.
        "So Trunks said you were upset about something?" he asked.
        Bra raised her eyebrows. "Did he…did he tell you why?" she asked, half-afraid of the answer.
        "Nope.  That's what I want to talk to you about?" He smiled. "Now tell me who dares to make my B-chan sad?"
        That made her smile.  Just a bit.  She shook her head. "No one, Goten-kun." You're the one who's made me so confused, but I can't tell you that, can I?
        "Oh?  Good, then.  So let's see your happy face." He looked at her expectantly.  She raised an eyebrow.
        "Come on…SMILE!" He stretched his lips, forming a very wide, very strange looking smile that was really
quite funny.
        She couldn't resist it.  She began giggling. "Goten-kun, that is a very UGLY smile," she told him.
        Goten felt happy when she said that.  He was glad to see her smiling again.  He missed those. "Yeah, that's what I wanted to see." He reached his hand out and touched her cheek lightly.  Bra stopped laughing and looked at him in surprise.  She became uncomfortably warm where he touched her. "You're so cute," he told her, chuckling.  He dropped his hand. "I love this place," he told her.  He leaned backwards and started to swing back and forth.
        Bra watched him as he swung high and low, over and over.  He looked so happy, so cheerful, and so carefree.  But she knew…

        His sad, sunken eyes spoke clearly of sorrow, pain, and solitude.

        "Goten, she's not right for you."
        He stopped swinging and looked at her. "B-chan, what?"
        "Trunks.  He told me that?that…"
        "Paris dumped me," he said bluntly. "He told you Paris dumped me.  I never expected that to happen, you know.  After all the time we'd been dating…we had such good times." He snorted. "What a waste of time."
        "Goten, you're such a nice guy…you deserve a good person!" And I'm the best for you!  I am!
        "Sankyuu, B-chan.  You're very thoughtful." He smiled. "Can I say something?"
        "Well, let's say you're a famous…SINGER."
        "A singer?"
        "Yeah…and you had a boyfriend who WASN'T a singer."
        "Well, what will you choose?  Your career or the love of your life?" he asked solemnly.
        Bra thought a while. "Well, if I stayed with my career and became famous, I would have anything I wanted…"
        He looked disappointed. "Oh."
        "But," Bra stood up and looked at him, "what good is all that if I don't have any love in my life?"
        He took her cold hands in his and looked at her silently.  He gave her a warm smile. "Wouldn't it be great if I had a girlfriend like you?" he whispered oh-so-quietly.  But she heard.
        You are so right. She blushed and let go of him. "I'm so sorry…"

        He held on. "Don't be sorry, B-chan." He chuckled. "All these years, I've dated so many girls.  But I never seem to find the right one, the one for me.  I was talking to Okasan, and she says, 'Look for the one right in front of you.'"
        "Goten…" Bra looked deep into his eyes.  She felt like she was in a movie or something.  She couldn't believe her ears.  He was still holding her hands.  His hands were so warm… "Goten, do you…do you see her…now?" 
        He didn't answer right away. "I'm not sure," he finally said.
        Bra's eyes dimmed with tears. Oh, Goten, can't you see me?  Can't you?
        "Hey, B-chan, are you okay?"
        "What is it?"
        Confess, right?  Just confess and get it over with. "Goten-kun…I have something I have to tell you…"


"Dakishimetai" by Mr. Children