PART 30: Goten, Trunks and Marron's Outing

        "Well, here we are!" Marron exclaimed. "Do you think he's ready yet?"
        "He should be.  He said he'd only need five minutes…well, let's go in.  We can wait for him in the living room, you know," Trunks pointed out as he knocked on the door. "I hope ChiChi-obachan is home…"
        Marron stood there for a while. Then, "Um, Trunks?"
        "Okay, I really do love you, but I'd appreciate it if they didn't know about us…yet." She smiled up at him.
        "I don't want them to know yet, either." He smiled back and kissed her cheek.
        "Okay, good then…so why don't you let go of my hand?"
        "Huh?  Oh, whoops!  Sorry." He dropped it just as ChiChi opened the door. 

        "Yes!  Look at that!  I just won THREE PIKACHU!" Goten yelled. "One you, one for you, and one for me!  Yes!  This is SO COOL!"
        "Goten!" Trunks whispered loudly. "Shh!"
        "Uh, Goten-kun…" Marron looked at the doll he'd given her. "This is, er, cute, but maybe, hehe, you could give it to Pan?"
        "Eh?  Why?  Don't you LIKE Pikachu?  It's so cute!"
        The crowd was looking at him suspiciously, looking like they were afraid he'd lost his mind.  Trunks smacked his forehead and looked away in embarrassment while Marron hid her face under her hat.  Goten burst out laughing at them.  He put one arm around Trunks and the other around Marron. "Oh, come on, guys!  You don't really think I like that, do you?" He began laughing again. "Oh, look!  A roller coaster!" He dragged his friends over towards the counter. "Three tickets, please," he said.

        "Oh, no, Goten, I don't want to…"
        "Oh, come on, Marron!  It will be fun!"
        "Yeah, you can sit next to me if you want!" Trunks grinned.
        "Um, no, I still don't want to."
        "But LOOK AT IT!" Goten pointed. "It's the BIGGEST, LONGEST, COOLEST roller coaster EVER MADE!  Come on!"
        "Um, you guys go ahead…Pikachu and I will just wait over there for you."
        "All right, then, but you'll regret it."
        "Somehow I doubt that."
        The guys raced over and bought two tickets for themselves. 

        Marron waited patiently for several minutes until the guys finally came out of the bathroom. "Feel better
guys?" she asked sweetly.
        Trunks glared at her, then chuckled. "Yes, actually.  I barfed twice, you know!"
        "Ugh!  Tell me about it!"
        "Okay, see, I was eating…"
        "Oh, guys look, a Haunted House!" Goten exclaimed. "I haven't been in a Haunted House in such a long time! Let's go check it out!" He grabbed Marron by the arm and dragged her over.
        "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Trunks stopped them. "I don't think taking Marron in there would be such a good idea."
        "What?  Why?"
        "Uh, because…because…"
        "Trunks is right," Marron cut in. "You are not taking me in there."
        "Okay." Goten nodded. "So I'll just ask again.  Why?"
        "Just because," Marron told him. "Let go of me."
        "Oops, sorry."
        "Marron, you're not enjoying yourself, are you?" Trunks asked.
        "Um, sure I am!  It's just not my favorite place, that's all."
        "Well, what IS your favorite place?" Trunks asked.
        Marron looked at them and smiled wickedly.

        "Shh!" Trunks cautioned. "She'll hear you!"
        "So? This is stupid!  We're stuck with these stupid boxes and bags and all her other…STUFF!"
        Trunks shrugged. "We did agree we would go where she wanted to…"
        "But a SHOPPING MALL?  Come on!"
        "Hey, give it a chance, will ya?  She was patient enough following us around the fair.  Besides, you might learn something."
        "Yeah, right.  I'll learn to shop and you'll learn some more about women.  Heck, you might even get Marron interested in you," Goten joked.  He expected Trunks to join in the laughter, but was surprised to see his friend blushing and stammering. He stared for a few moments, then smiled wickedly. "Well well well."
        "Uh…well well well, what?" Trunks asked weakly.
        "You DID!  Oh my?Trunks, you little devil."
        "Um…what are you talking about?"
        "You and Marron, duh.  So that's where the hickey came from."
        "M?me and Marron?  You're crazy!"
        "HAH!  I should've known.  Don't try lying to me, Trunks!  I know you too well.  You can't get away with it."
        Trunks stared at Goten in consternation. "Um…OKAY, OKAY!  But it was just once…"
        "I knew it!" Goten exclaimed triumphantly. "Dang, and I was starting to like her."
        "Hmm? Oh, nothing." Goten grinned at his blushing friend.
        Waiting for Marron outside the shoe store, Goten had plenty of time to tease Trunks mercilessly. "So," he started, "how was it?"
        Trunks ground his teeth, blushing until he resembled a tomato. "GOTEN!"

        "Well." Goten sighed. "I guess this is only fair.  We went to the carnival, my place.  We went to the mall, your place," he pointed at Marron, "and I guess the Capsule Corp is Trunks' place."
        "Oh, come on, Goten, he just forgot to sign some documents, that's all.  We'll be out of here in a few minutes."
        "Minutes?  Try HOURS." He sighed. "At least his office is pretty cool."  And it turned out he was right.  They were stuck at the Capsule Corp for the next two hours.

        "Ahh, this is the life!" Goten flopped down on the thick green grass with Trunks and Marron.  They were facing the wide sea and the cool evening breeze blew, bringing the fresh salty smell of the ocean.  As the sun set, it colored the horizon with a magnificent mixture of reds and oranges. "We should do this more often," Goten said.
        "I'll agree to that," Marron said with a light sigh.
        "Hey, Trunks?"
        "Is your dad still mad at B-chan?"
        "Dunno.  She's still grounded, I know that much."
        "Oh." Goten looked up. "Times like this make me think about her, you know."
        "What do you mean?"
        "I…nah, forget it." He sighed. "But I am wondering something, about last night…"
        "What?" Marron asked.
        "She said she wanted to tell me something."
        Trunks and Marron looked at each other, then back at Goten.
        "Tell you what?" Trunks asked.
        "I dunno.  She never said.  She was stammering, though, and blushing." He looked at his friends. "Is there something I should know about?"
        "Uh…no.  Er, how should I know?" Marron asked. "But if there is, she should tell you herself.  Oh, wait, I
remember.  I think Bra wanted you to take her out next week before the Sakura viewing.  Is that okay?"
        "Me and her?  Like, alone?"
        Marron winked at Trunks. "I guess…why not?"
        "Um, okay, then.  It'll be fun!  But what about Vegeta-jisan?"
        "Don't worry about him," Trunks said. "Just make my sister happy."
        Goten smiled at them and turned his face back to the long stretch of ocean.   No one spoke, not wanting to spoil the moment, the peaceful surroundings and the wonderful view.

        "I sure will," Goten said softly. "I'll do anything to make her happy…"


 "Yah Yah Yah" by Chage and Aska