BP Adventures – Chapter 7

{ Chikusho!  I need a convincing story to tell that baka.  I know, I’ll say we wanted to check out the dining hall for more victims, which we found.  The victims. . . I bet they’re gone by now, just like before.  But how?  Well, there’s only one way to find out. }
 Pan got up from the sofa and left Trunks a note on the coffee table.
Went to see something.  Be back later.
     Love, Pan
 Trunks was blow-drying his hair in the bathroom.  Because the blow dryer generated a loud sound, he wasn’t able to pick up Pan’s departure with his Saiyin hearing.   { I have a feeling Meen Bow Toe isn’t gonna tell me why they were out there.  No, she’ll tell me something, just not the truth.  Kuso!  She could’ve been hurt.  Doesn’t she know that?  I’m gonna have to trick her into telling me the truth. }  Trunks stepped out into the living room, only to find it empty. He read the note and dashed out the door.  { Masaka!  She’s going back there!  Nodze?  I know she’s got a good reason too.  What is it? ]
 “ Son Pan!!!!!!  I told you I wanted to-- Nandeyo???!! “
 Trunks examined the spotless room.  There wasn’t a trace of blood anywhere.  Even the ceiling was fixed.
 “ This is what happened before.  Bra and I came back after dinner and it was clean. How, I don’t know.  All I know is, whatever’s doing this has to be stopped.  “
 Trunks was seething.
 “ Why didn’t you wait for me???  What if I didn’t read the note in time???  You could’ve been the next meal!!! “  He said through gritted teeth.
 { Woah.  He’s really mad.  I feel bad for making him worry like this, but I wanna stay away from him for a while.  It’s hard enough for me to get over him; he’s not making it any easier by acting like this. }
 “ Well if you didn’t spend so much time blow-drying your hair then maybe I would’ve waited for you. Why do you bother protecting me?  It’s not like I don’t know how to fight. “  She said ruefully.
{ I really didn’t mean that Trunks.  I wish I could tell you why, but I can’t.
 Please forgive me. }
 Trunks glared at her.  He was enraged.
 Pan dipped her head and shut her eyes, hoping to prevent the tears that were about to fall. She bit her bottom lip to stop it from trembling.  She wanted to tell Trunks she loves him despite the fact that he was twice her age, despite the fact that she knew they were both afraid of love. But nothing came out of her mouth.  Pan knew it would just hurt them; if Trunks didn’t feel the same way, her selfish actions would’ve ruined their friendship.
The room was silent.  Neither knew what to do or say next.  Pan’s heart was overridden with guilt.  She desperately wished she could take back what was said. A tear escaped onto her burning cheeks. The tension amiss was overwhelming.  Needing break away from the madness, she ran out to the deck and wept silently.  Trunks was breathing slowly, forcing himself into a calm state.  Once he felt he had control, he decided to make some sense of what just happened.  He followed the sounds of her sobs. { What’s wrong with her?  I know she didn’t mean what she said, but it still pissed me off.  Now she’s crying. }
Trunks spotted Pan standing at the stem of the ship, the same place she stood hours ago.  He noticed her hair was used as a curtain to hide her face.  He pushed the hair behind her ears.  Gently tugging on one strand, he tried to turn her face towards him.  Pan kept her eyes shut and didn’t move.  She flinched as his finger brushed past her ear.  It took every ounce of self control she had to stop herself from leaping into his arms.  She grasped the railing, hoping it wouled help her.
“ Pan, look at me. “  He said mildly as he turned her head with one hand and lightly pulled her bit of hair with the other.  Pan opened her eyes slowly.  Even through the blurry visage, she could see the forgiveness clearly expressed in his eyes.  This made Pan cry harder.  Trunks pried her hands off the railing with ease.  He had one hand on her neck while the other stroked her hair as he held her close.
“ I’m sorry. . . I’m so sorry. “  Pan whimpered.  “ I’m sorry. . . I- “
“ Sssssshhhh.  It’s ok.  I know you’re sorry. “  Trunks whishpered.
Hearing those words only added to her contrition.  Her hands clutched onto his tank as she sobbed endlessly. { Chikusho.  I acted like such a bitch and he’s telling me it’s ok???  Doushite Trunks?  Why do you have to be so good to me??? }
The two stood there for what seemed like hours.  Pan’s bawling eventually dissolved into tiny hiccups.  The penitence she felt drained her completely.  She fell asleep quietly in his arms.
 “ Goten, how about I go to breakfast with Niichan first?  You wait for Panny and meet us later.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to get them together!! “
Bra’s little schemes always entertained Goten.  { She’s so cute when she’s excited.}  He thought.   {Like the times I babysat her when she was a kid.  She used to sneak into Bulma-san’s  room to try on makeup, even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to.  And I’d let her get away with it because it made her happy. }
“ Is Meen Bow Toe awake yet? “
{ Why is Goten smiling like that?  Is there something on my face? }
“ She is, but she said she can’t face Niichan.  Her behavior towards him last night was horrible, and yet he forgave her for everything;  Which makes her feel worse.  I think the sooner they realize their emotions for each other, the better things will be for them.  Try getting her out of bed, don’t take too long though; I’d miss you terribly. “
Goten gave Bra a quick but sweet kiss.
 “ I won’t.  See you later. “
 Bra bobbed her head up and down merrily before she left. Goten entered the bedroom Pan was in.  She was lying in bed watching TV, still dressed in her pajamas.
 “ How’s my favorite niece? “  Goten said cheerfully.
 “ Great. “ Pan said bleakly. Her eyes were desolate as she spoke.  They were glued to the television screen, but she paid no attention to it; her mind was elsewhere.
 { She must really be upset.  Normally when I say that, she would say,  Tweedle Dumb!!!  I’m your only niece!! }
 “ I know you’re in love with Trunks. “
 Pan’s eyes flickered for a brief moment, and then returned to their dismal condition.
 “ So what else is new? “
 “ Your not surprised or angry at me for knowing that? “  Goten asked.
 “ Nope.  I know you’re not stupid.  Have you told him? “
 “ Iie, I think that’s something you should do. “
 Pan huffed out a little laugh and blinked.
 “ What’s the point in doing that?  It’ll just make things weird between us. “
 Goten sat down on the bed.
 “ Sou da ne.  You two like to make things complicated.  Love isn’t hard you know. “
 This got Pan’s full attention, she sat up and shook her head.
 “ You mean love isn’t hard for you and Bra.  It’s different for other people.  I’m not like you guys.  I don’t always believe things are gonna be perfect. “
 “ We don’t believe our relationship is going to be perfect.  That’s why we decided to be honest with each other and talk about everything. “
 Pan sighed.
 “ Some people don’t like to talk, and some people don’t like to hear the truth.  You guys are just lucky that you two are alike. “
 She’s right.  Bra-chan and me are lucky.
 “ You and Trunks are alike. “  Goten pointed out.
 “ No we’re not. He doesn’t know what love is. “
 “ How do you know Trunks doesn’t know what love is.  Did he tell you that? “
 Pan thought for a second.
 “ Last night after we went to the dance hall, we talked on the deck.  He said he’s never loved any of the girls that he’s been with.  He was with Marron for two years!!!  How can he not say its love?  He said that she made him realize he’s been out with all the wrong women. If he didn’t love her after two years, then I don’t think he can love anyone. And if he can’t love anyone, then he can’t love me. “
 “ That’s not true.  I feel the same way Trunks does.  I also went out with Marron remember?  I didn’t love her either.  But I know I love Bra-chan. “  Goten said resolutely.
 “ Nani?  You didn’t love Marron either? “
 “ Iie.  Get dressed, I told Bra-chan we’d meet her for breakfast. “
 “ Iie.  I don’t wanna see him.  I’m not hungry anyway. “  Pan said as she leaned against the bedpost.
 “ You can’t avoid him for a whole month.  You might as well learn how to deal with him now. “
 Pan blew her bangs out of her eyes and got up.
 “ When are they gonna get there? I’m hungry! “  Trunks said, peeved.
 {I better talk to him about Panny before they get here.}
 “ Niichan?  Are you going out with anyone right now? “
 Trunks furrowed his brows.
 “ Why do you wanna know? “
“ Eh?  Because. . . you’re so moody!! “ Bra replied.
“ ‘Cuz I’m moody? “  Trunks asked suspiciously.
“ A hahaha.  You know how men are when they’re going out with someone.  They act so strangely. “
“ Imoutochan.  What’s this about? “  Trunks demanded.
“ Well. . .  I’ve noticed that you have strong feelings for Panny. “
Trunks gaped at her for a second, then recomposed himself.
“ I know.  I also know she has feelings for me. “
“ Nani??? You know all that??? How??? “
Trunks let out a sigh.
“ I dunno. I just started to like her.  I think she’s been feelin’ this way for a while though.  “
{ Kami-sama!  Niichan knew this whole time!!! }
“ Niichan?  Why don’t you tell her?
“ Because something’s bothering her and she won’t tell me what it is.  I can’t tell her when she’s actin’ like she’s in another world.  I think she thinks I’m too old for her.  Maybe she doesn’t wanna be wit’ someone that old. “  Trunks said sadly.  He thought of what happened last night when she cried.  { I know she’s sorry for what she did.  But she would never cry over an argument like that.  There’s more to it. }
“ Ne, Niichan why don’t you ask her that as well? “  Bra suggested.

“ You think she’ll tell me?  She hates talkin’ about herself.  She keeps everything inside. “  Trunks retorted.
Bra nodded in comprehension.
“ Sou.  But so do you! “
Trunks scowled.
“ Imoutochan, you’re her best friend.  Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong wit’ her? “
“ Because if you care for her you shouldn’t be afraid to ask her things like that. “
Trunks grunted.
“ Yeah, I’m sure that’ll- “
He stopped when he saw Goten and Pan making their way to the table.  Pan kept her head down as she approached the table to avoid Trunks’s watch on her.  Goten leaned down and pecked Bra on the lips before he sat down.
“ Gomen ne we’re late.  Meen Bow Toe needed time to get dressed. “
“ We haven’t been waiting long. “  Bra said as she handed them a menu.
“ I think I’ll order the pancakes, they look delicious. What about you guys? “  Bra asked, trying to make conversation.  There was an obvious strain between Trunks and Pan.
“ I want everything on the menu.  What do you want? “  Trunks asked Pan, attempting to break her silence.
“ I’m not really hungry, I’ll just have some orange juice. “  She said meekly.
“ Just orange juice?  But you haven’t eaten anything since--  Fine, it’s your stomach.“  Trunks said.  He decided not to mention the word yesterday. Or anything that would remind Pan of it.
“ Are you ready to order? “  Asked the waiter.
“ Yeah we’ll have two orders of everything on the menu, pancakes, and an orange juice. “  Trunks replied.
“ T. . . Two orders of everything on the menu s. . . sir? “  Stuttered the waiter.
“ Yeah, don’t forget the pancakes and the juice. “  Trunks repeated.
“ Y. . . yes sir.  Your orders will arrive shortly. “  Stupored the waiter.
 Pan and Trunks ate breakfast in reticence while Goten and Bra chattered.