BP Adventures – Chapter 8

 { Chikusho!  I wish I ordered something for breakfast.  Good thing we have a minibar.  I wonder what I should get?}  Pan thought as she walked over to the minibar and peered into it.  {Hmmmmm. . . Chips, nuts, and candy. . .  That won’t fill me up.  I need some real food. }
 “ I told you to get something more than orange juice. “  Pan turned around to find Trunks looking at her apprehensively.
 “ Yeah well, I didn’t feel hungry at the time oh wise one. “
 Trunks knitted his brows.
 “ I see hunger didn’t change that big mouth of yours. “
 { Chikusho!  I’m doing it again.  Here he is being a total sweetheart and I act like I don’t give a crap.  I thought I’d get over him that way.  I’m a baka.  Who knew Trunks would have patience like that?  I certainly didn’t.  I figured he’d get pissed and then forget about it after a couple of days.  I’ve messed up everything.  Now I love him more than ever. }
 “ Gomenasai.  Force of habit. “
 Trunks did his usual I-figured-as-much grunt before speaking.
 “ Doesn’t matter.  I thought you’d be hungry so I came to take you to lunch. “
 Pan began to feel the same culpability she felt last night.  The rumbling in her stomach didn’t help either.  Together, it made her whole being feel numb.
 “ You don’t have to watch over me like that.  I mean I appreciate it, but I don’t wanna keep you from having fun. “  Pan said gratefully.
 Trunks snorted.
 “ Yeah some fun.  I could walk around the ship all by myself. Ikisho, lunch is on me. “
 “ Where are we going?  The dining hall’s closed. “  Pan stated.
 “ I know that.  I wanted to go to Italy.  Pasta’s filling. “  He said simply.
 “ Italy?  Just for pasta?  Couldn’t we just go to the first Italian restaurant we see?”
 “ We could, but it wouldn’t taste as good.  Besides, it only takes twenty minutes to get there, and in Italy they won’t know what we’re saying.  I don’t like it when I’m having a serious conversation and some nosey jackass is listening in. “
Pan looked at Trunks curiously.
“ What do you wanna talk about that’s so serious? “
Trunks grabbed her arm.
“ You’ll see. “
 It didn’t take long for Trunks and Pan to fly to Italy.  They were seated in a cozy restaurant that resembled a museum more than a place to eat.  Paintings and sculptures filled the area and gave it an artistic atmosphere.  Light music and chitchat was amid.
Open Up Your Heart To Me. . .
And Say What’s On Your Mind
I Know That We Have Been Thru So Much Pain
But I Still Need You Tonight
Deep Within My Heart It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Wrong Or Right. . .
‘Cuz I See Heaven In Your Eyes
    -- Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys
 “ We’re here, what did you wanna talk about? “
 Trunks looked at Pan intensively.
 “ About us. “
 “ About us?  What about us? “  She asked.
 He raised an eyebrow.
 “ I think you know.  We can start with what’s bothering you. “
 “ What’s bothering me?  Nothing's bothering me.  I’ve just been trying to figure out what ate all those people. “  Pan said casually.
 “ You know I’m not talking about that. “
 “ Then what are you talking about? “
 Trunks remained calm. He expected Pan to deny the obvious answer.  After all, he
would’ve done the same.  { Kuso!  Just tell me what’s wrong so I can tell you how I feel! }
 “ I’m talking about you crying last night.  And don’t tell me it’s ‘cause I yelled at you; I’ve done that before and you never cry. “
 { Yaro.  I’d like to tell you why, but I can’t.  It’s too hard. }  Pan suspired.
 “ So I was extra sensitive last night. “
 { She’s not making this easy.}
  Before Trunks could question Pan any further, the waiter arrived with the appetizer.  He said something in Italian Pan didn’t understand.
 “ What did he say? “ She asked, taking a section of warm bread.
 “ He said our food is coming. Here, you’re supposed to put these in it, they taste better. “  Trunks said as he reached over and stuffed tomato chunks and dressing into the Pan’s slice of bread.
 “ Mmmmm I’ve never eaten anything like this before. “  Pan said, after she swallowed.  Trunks intercepted her hand before she could grab another piece.
 “ You’re never extra sensitive. “  Trunks cooed as he trickled some soda on the back of her hand.
 “ What are you doing???  Are you crazy??? “  Pan exclaimed when he swirled the fluid with his index finger.
 “ Iie, not crazy, just creative. “  He sneered as he held onto her hand while she tried to pull away.
 “ Yamete!  It’s disgusting! “
 “ I’ll stop if you tell me what I wanna know. “ He snickered.
 Pan gritted her teeth.  {That yaro!  I need something that he’ll believe. . . Chikusho!  I can’t think of anything!!!!}
 “ Why do you wanna know so badly?  It’s not like I have a life-threatening disease I’m keeping from you. “  She said defensively.
 “ Because there’s something I need to tell you.  But before I can, I need to know what’s wrong with you. “  Trunks didn’t look at her, he seemed engrossed in making circular motions on her hand as he spoke.
 Pan used her free hand to cup his face as she picked it up.  She focused her gaze into the depths of his eyes.  {I see some fear.  This must be important to him. }
 “ I promise to tell you what you wanna know, after you say what you wanna tell me. “
She proposed, loosening her grip on his jaw.
 “ I know you have feelings for me. “
 Pan’s hand slowly slid off his jaw.  She stared at him blankly as she held her breath.
Trunks seized her wrist before she could fully retreat her hand.
 “ And I know I feel the same way.  I wanted to tell you this when I found out what you were upset about.  I don’t wanna add to your problems. “  Pan’s utter stillness was broken by the waiter carrying their entrees.  Not wanting to let go of her, Trunks moved his chair beside her.
 “ It’s your turn. “
 She blinked her widened eyes and swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat.
 “ I. . .I was up. . .upset be. . . because of what you said yesterday. “
 “ You mean when I yelled at you?  I was just pissed off about what you said.  I- That’s not it? “  He asked when she started to shake her head from side to side.
 “ Iie.  Before that, when we were talking about marriage.  You said you’ve never loved any of the women you dated. How can you be with someone for such a long time and not love them? How can you say you feel the same way I feel about you?  You. . . You don’t know what love is.  And. . . And that’s what got to me.  I realized you could never love me.  I wanted to get over you, so I tried to push you away.  That’s why I said the things I said.  I didn’t mean them, but I didn’t know what else to do. “
 “ You’ve never been in love either.  How do you know you’re in love with me? “
 “ Because. . . “ She trailed off.  “ Because, I can’t get you out of my head.  Like you said, love is when it drives me crazy. “
 Trunks smiled.  “ Love isn’t only that.  It’s more.  Pan, it’s too early for either of us to know that we love each other. “
 “ That’s not true.  Look at Bra and Tweedle Dumb, they’re in love.  But I know what you mean.  We’re different.  I fell in love with you as someone close to me.  I know love in a relationship is on a different scale.  I just don’t wanna set myself up for heartache.  You do know there are a lot of things standing in our way. “  She said solemnly.
 Trunks’s grin faded.
 “ What do you mean?  Things like age?  If it’s a big deal to you that I’m so old, then. . . I guess I understand why you wouldn’t want to- what is it this time? “  He asked when Pan shook her head again.
 “ It’s everything.  We won’t have a friendship anymore if this doesn’t work out.  That’s one of the reasons why I never told you I felt this way.  Our personalities and age can be factored in too.  We’re both afraid of getting hurt, and we both know the age difference between us is pretty high. “
 Pan pulled him closer to her as she continued.
 “ I don’t care about age.  What if we end up hating each other?  My feelings for you are deep, believe me; but I’m not so sure we should be together.   I don’t want us avoiding each other if we break up. “
 Trunks tightened his hold on her hand and wrist hoping that one gesture would make her reconsider.
 “ Pan, it’s too late now.  I know how you feel, and you know how I feel.  We can’t pretend nothin’ happened.  Either we go on or we go our separate ways. “
 Pan closed her eyes and bent her head.  {He’s right.  It’s too late for us to turn back now.}  She raised her head, smiled at him and nodded.  Trunks released her from his grasp.
 “ Trunks? “  Pan asked in confusion.  The expression on his face was unreadable as he got up and pushed her back to her original spot.
 “ Eat, you haven’t eaten all morning. “  He said simply as he sat down.
 “ Trunks, when did you learn how to speak Italian? ”  Pan asked while they flew.
 “ I went to Italy on a business trip a couple of years ago. “  Trunks said with a half smile.
 “ You mean that “business trip” you took with that brunette? “  She queried.
 Trunks faced her and gave her a wry grin.
 “ Aa.  Shimpai jinai, nothin’ happened.  She was the secretary of the president at Robot's ‘R’ Us.  I was supposed to go wit’ him, but he was sick so she filled in for him.  It was strictly business. Over there, that’s the place. “  He said, pointing to an island ahead.
 “ Sure, strictly “business” She said sarcastically.  Pan landed on the island first.  She inhaled the fresh grassy scent as she scanned the green area.  There was a small waterfall a couple of meters in front of Pan.  Clear water spewed from glistening, dark stones that encompassed a shallow pool.
 “ I come here when I need to think.  This could be our place now. “  Trunks murmured in her ponytail.  She could hear him breathing in the sweet scent of her hair.  {Whew.  It’s a good thing I decided to wash my hair after breakfast.  I must’ve smelled like crap in the morning.  Oh well, he wasn’t sniffing my hair then, I don’t have anything to worry about.  How long is he gonna smell it?  I guess he likes the watermelon shampoo I use; does he ever stop thinking about food?  I bet my hair is making him hungry.}
 “ What’s so funny? “ He asked noticing her giggling.
 Pan stepped away from him.
 “ I was just thinking about how long you were smelling my hair. “  She answered.
 Trunks was perplexed.
 “ And you think that’s funny? “
 “ Um. . . I wash my hair with this watermelon scented shampoo, and I thought it was making you hungry. “  She said, covering her laugh.
 Trunks grunted and hooked his fingers onto her two belt loops as he yanked her forward.  Catching her off guard, Pan was about to crash right into him.  She instinctively put her hands up in front of her, which ended up flat against his chest.  She stared at him wide eyed and pink-faced.
 “ What if I am hungry? “  He whispered, resting his hands on her hips.
 “ What if I told you I wanted to taste. . . “
 Before Pan could contemplate about what he wanted to sample, her eyelids started to drop as she tilted her head and parted her lips to meet his beckoning mouth.  Trunks moved one hand to the side of her face, placing half his palm on her neck. She felt her body go limp with each passing minute.  The kisses were luscious with potency.  Pan leaned into him for support, not wanting to stop unless he wanted to.
 “ Pan. . . “  Trunks said languidly, after brushing his lips against her eyelids as a finishing touch.
 “ Mmmm? “  She inquired, looking up.
 “ I said I wanted to taste Pan. “  He stated plainly, outlining her cheekbone with his fingers while the other hand remained on her hip.
 “ Mmmm. How was I? “  She asked teasingly, feeling his hand move to the back of her head, slowly directing it to tip backward.
 “ I’m not sure, I’m not done yet. “  He said with a smirk as he bent down and bit the side of her neck.  Pan giggled and struggled away from his embrace.  She halted when the tiny bites turned into open-mouthed kisses.  In response, she chewed and pulled on his earlobe until she felt him tremble in delight.
 “ Trunks.  Trunks! “
 “ Huh? “  He said bewildered, opening his eyes.
 Pan laughed in amusement.
 “ We should head back now; we didn’t tell Tweedle Dumb and Bra that we’re here. “
 “ Aa. Oi!  You haven’t called me Dumber today. “
 Pan raised an eyebrow while she thought, then grinned.
 “ Sou.  And you haven’t called me Meen Bow Toe either.  Do you want me to start calling you Dumber again? “
 “ No!  I don’t want my girlfriend callin’ me Dumber. “
 Pan smiled and linked her hand with his.
         “ Ok, I won’t.  And don’t call me Meen Bow Toe.  I like it better when you call me Pan.“
 Trunks nodded in agreement as they floated up.