BP Adventures – Chapter 9

 “ We can’t find them anywhere Goten. Where could they have gone?  I ‘m anxious to tell them what we’ve found out. “  Bra said as she opened the door to their room.
 “ They probably flew somewhere.  We’ve looked in every room on the ship. “  Goten replied, following her inside.  She led him to the couch and sat.
 “ Is it possible that they left together? “  She asked, pulling him down with her as she laid back.
 “Probably Bra-chan.  I have a feeling they’re going to have some news for us. “
 “ And I was so excited about what we discovered.  “
 “ I’m sure they’ll be back soon. “  Goten said, reassuring her.  Whenever they made out, it was Bra who initiated it. This unnerved Goten a little.  In his previous relationships, he had always been the one to start.  But when he was with Bra, he had the urge, but could never bring himself to actually do something about it.  { Why can’t I kiss her before she kisses me?  Why do I feel so nervous? } Bra sensing his tension, wrinkled her nose in trepidation.
 “ Goten, daijoubu? “
 Goten shook away his worries at the sound of her concerned tone.
 “ Hai Bra-chan.  Daijoubu. “
 “ Ne Goten, I know something is troubling you, please tell me what it is. “
 He looked at her distressed mien and confessed.
 “ I was just asking myself why I can’t begin things the way you do. “
 “ Because you were the one who always started it with your other girlfriends? “
 Goten nodded and Bra produced a small laugh.
 “ Maybe it’s because we’re in love, ne? And. . . “  She continued.  “ I’m different from the other girls you’ve been out with. “
 He smiled in acknowledgment and kissed her deeply.
 “ Sou ka. . . “
 “ Aw man, can’t you guys wait till after dinner? “
 Bra and Goten whipped up their heads to see Trunks and Pan standing in the doorway holding hands.  They hastily sat up red-faced.
 “ Niichan! Panny!  Doko ni omaetachi?  We’ve been looking everywhere! “
 “ Oh nowhere really, just Italy. “  Pan answered.
 “ NANI? “  Goten and Bra exclaimed in unison.
 “ It’s nothin’, Pan was hungry so I took her to Italy to eat some pasta. “  Trunks said, closing the door.
 “ Well, while you guys were in Italy, Goten and I did some research.  We decided to sneak into the manager’s office and see which rooms haven’t been accessed by keycards recently.  We found three matches, and here’s the interesting part-- all three rooms were occupied by scientists! “
  “ Scientists?  I thought the contest was open to high school students only.  But then again, invited guests can be any age. “  Pan said.
 “ I was thinking the same thing, demo. . . the rooms for the scientists only had one bedroom, while all the other rooms had two, with the exception of employee quarters. “  Bra explained.
 “ Do you remember which rooms they were in? “  Trunks asked.
 “ I think it was rooms 100, 101, and 102. “  Goten replied.
 “ Sugei. . . We still have an hour before the dining hall opens, let’s go check out their rooms.” Pan suggested.
 “ It looks like they were all on some kind of space expedition together. “  Pan said, skimming trough the text on the laptop.  “ But some of the entries are missing. “
 “ Which ones? “  Trunks asked, looking over her shoulder.
 “ The entries started to disappear in February.  They range from four to ten every other month. “
 “ If that many are missing, then maybe the writer didn’t have time to write in it everyday like he used to. “  Bra suggested, peeping up from a file she was holding.
 “ That’s possible, demo. . .  it says here the entries were deleted, which means he did write them. “  Pan said as she checked the status of the writing.  “ In the latest entry, it says there’s a possibility for him to make things right.  It sounds like this guy feels responsible for something, maybe for the deaths? “
 Bra pulled out a piece of paper from the file she was holding.
 “ Could be.  This file has sketches of these popcorn type things, the M- “
 “ MUNCHERS! “  Said a voice that sounded like a broken record.  Everyone turned around and saw two figures in the room.
 “ It’s the waiter and his wife!  Trunks!  It’s the couple we saw last night! “  Pan said, amazed.
 The couple transformed into slimy, tan-colored monsters that resembled giant popcorn.
 “ Pan, you and Bra get out of here, me and Goten’ll hold ‘em off!! “  Trunks yelled.  He and Goten got into their defensive crouches.  They lunged forward with a punch, aiming for the midsection.  Meanwhile, Pan and Bra used the fight as an opportunity to escape.
 “ Bra, go ahead without me.  I’m gonna go help the guys.  Get the lifeboats ready just in case we need to evacuate everyone. “
 “ K, be careful! “  With that, Pan and Bra went their separate ways.
Pan ran back to the room and saw Trunks and Goten stuck to the monster.  In frustration, they turned SSJ 2 and blasted the Munchers off them.  The Munchers landed across the room with a thud.  They made a gurgling sound when they attemptedto get up.  Goten and Trunks launched their chi blasts, Kamehameha and Burning Attack, which disintegrated the Munchers completely.
“ I still don’t get how they managed to clean up those bodies that fast, but at least we know we won’t have to worry about them eating any more people.  Ikisho, I wanna take a shower and get this shit off me. “  Trunks said, looking at the brown ooze on his body.
“ Don’t forget, we need to call Jiichan and tell him to wish those four people back to life.  “  Pan reminded them, heading for the door.
Pan opened the door before Goten could knock.
“ How did you know it was me? “  He asked.
“ I could sense your chi.  You’re here to see Bra ne?  She’s still in the shower, she should be out soon.  I’ll leave you two alone. “  Pan said, walking out the door.
“ Meen Bow Toe, Trunks is acting weird.  I’m not sure why, so when you see him don’t be surprised if he doesn’t act like himself. “
Pan nodded.
“ Ok, arigato. “
{ Maybe I should’ve worn a nightie, Bra said when Tweedle Dumb saw her in it all he could do was smile. } Pan thought, stopping in the middle of the living room to glance at her pajamas.  She was wearing a silky white tank top and matching shorts, with tiny red roses printed on it.  { Oh well, it’s too late to change now, besides, Tweedle Dumb said Trunks is acting weird, he probably wouldn’t notice if I wore it anyway. } She peeked into Trunks and Goten’s room.  Trunks was sitting at the edge of his bed dressed in black sweats.  His head was hung down and his hands were placed on his knees.  Pan sat down behind him.
“ Trunks?  Daijoubu ka? “
Trunk shut his eyes.
“ Aa.  Daijoubu. “
Pan put her hand on his back and looked at his face.
“ You’re lying.  You made me feel better when I was upset, onegai, let me do the same for you. “
Trunks opened his eyes and saw Pan’s soft expression.
“ You were there.  I had to turn SSJ2 to beat them. “  He shook his head and let out a grunt.  “ I’m so old Pan.  I’m too old for you.  Maybe we shouldn’t -- “
Pan cut him off by wrapping her bare legs around his waist and her arms around his chest.  His body stiffened at her touch.  She nipped at his neck gently until she felt him relax.  Thinking she had comforted him, Pan leaned against his back with her eyes closed.
“ You still haven’t answered my question.  Do you wanna be wit’ an old geezer like
me ? “  Trunks asked.
Pan picked her head up and was about to whack him with her right hand.  He caught her arm in midair.
“ BAKA! “
“ I was only kidding. “  Trunks said with an amused chuckle as he pressed a soft, warm kiss in the center of her palm.  He nibbled at her fingers lightly, around the edges of her palm, and proceeded down to her wrist.  “ I know your answer, I just wanted to be sure  . . . koishii. “
Pan blushed and let out a contented sigh.  Trunks let go of her arm and gingerly used her ankles to remove her legs from his waist.
“ We haven’t eaten since lunchtime, I’ll go get us some food. “  He said, getting up.
Pan rolled her eyes.
“ I should’ve known you would choose food over me. “
Trunks laughed and pulled her towards him.
“ Would it make you feel better if I promised to feed you? “
Pan gave him a peck.
“ Iie, but thanks for the offer.  I’ve been known to eat on my own ever since I was three. “
“ How about if I made it up to you by doing this? “  He said, kissing her neck.
Pan raised one eyebrow.
“ Well. . .  I suppose that’s the only thing you can do. “
Meanwhile, somewhere on the yacht, a mysterious feminine figure looks up from her work to speak with one of her minions.
“ You’re highness, they have been tested. “
“ Oh?  And how were they? “  She asked casually.
“ The two girls did not engage in battle, but the two men with them seem stronger than a normal SSJ and are in complete control of their power.  Butter and Cheddar were killed instantly. “  Replied the minion.
The female tapped her pen on the surface of her desk irately.
“ Well, I’ll deal with it later then.  How about those pesky traitiors? “
“ They have been disposed of.  Butter and Cheddar ate them. “
She pursed her lips and produced a huff.
“ At least something went according to plan.  That will be all.  Tell Crunch and Munch to start training everyone harder; we have a great feast to prepare for. “


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