PART 4: Bad News for Vegeta-sama   

“ChiChi-chan called,” Bulma informed her husband, who was leaning against the wall facing her. Bulma was sitting in her favorite chair, reading her favorite novel while accompanied by her favorite man.  
“So? What does that woman want?” Vegeta asked, heading for the refrigerator. He was hungry after five hours of heavy training in the gravity room.  
Bulma closed the novel and placed it on her lap. “Well…” She hesitated, knowing Vegeta wouldn’t like it, but she would say it anyway. “We’re going to have another family outing this weekend.” At first she just heard Vegeta mumbling in the kitchen. “And it’s at Satan Beach,” she finished.  
Silence, then BANG from the kitchen.  
Vegeta bashed his head accidentally IN the fridge while getting something to eat. “NANI? What are you trying to tell me, woman?”  
Bulma frowned. She hated it when Vegeta called her “woman.” She was his WIFE for crying out loud. “We’re going to have a picnic at Satan Beach and that’s that!” Bulma answered slowly and carefully, ignoring his angry look. She stepped into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. She knew that it would take a long time.  
“I’m not going,” Vegeta told her.  
“Oh, yes you are.”  
“Vegeta, don’t start with me. You’re coming this Sunday and you will have a good time or else…”  
“Or else WHAT?”  
“You’re going to sleep on the sofa, starving for the rest of your life, and say BYEBYE to Mr. Gravity Room!”  
KUSO! Vegeta thought. He hated it when Bulma would blackmail him. Especially when she brought the  
gravity room into this. Well, he would do just about anything just to make her happy. But why a picnic with that third-class baka Kakarott? Why that? UUUGGHHH! Nothing could ever be worse than that.  
So Vegeta just leaned against the wall as usual, arms folded and eating his heart out. He lost that fight.  
Bulma was just glad she could make Vegeta shut up.  
Then the door opened.  
“Tadaima!” Bra stepped in.  
“Bra! You’re home! So how was your test?” Bulma immediately asked before her daughter could sit on the  
“Well, what if she doesn’t want to talk about it?” Vegeta demanded.  
“Shut up, Vegeta.” Bulma frowned at her husband.  
Bra chuckled at her father’s reaction. “I’m fine, Mom.” She sat down. “But I think I need some rest…I don’t feel so well.”  
“It’s because you’re WEAK. Remind me to give you a practice tomorrow!” Vegeta still watched his daughter.  
“Aww, Dad…I don’t LIKE fighting!” Bra groaned. “Oh…and did you know that Aunt ChiChi is having a big picnic this Saturday? Goten just told me.”  
“Yes, dear,” Bulma answered from the kitchen. “But we’ll talk about it later, okay? I don’t think your father is in the mood.”  
Vegeta snorted.  
Bra giggled. She understood her father fully. She knew how he hated meeting his best-rival-turned-friend, Goku-jisan. Some things can’t ever change.  

Several minutes later, the door opened again.  

“I’m home!” Trunks announced.  
“My, you’re early, what happened?” Bra asked.  
“The meeting ended earlier than I expected!”  
Trunks sat beside his sister and pulled off his tie. “Ha! Did you all know ChiChi-san is having another family gathering this Saturday?” Trunks asked his family. For a couple minutes, only silence answered him.  
Bra gave Trunks an eye-signal that said Vegeta was Not Happy about it, while Bulma put a smile across her face.  
Vegeta snorted again. “Hmph!”  

Nothing could be worse than this…  

"La La La Love Song" by Kishinobu Kobuta