BP Adventures-Chapter 4

Fifteen minutes later, Pan walked into the dining room and saw Trunks squeezing his calf muscles.  After working his way up to his quadriceps and hamstrings, he pressed his bare abs and chest.  { I donít feel any fat.  How can Meen Bow Toe think Iím fat? }
{ What is he doing?  Oh Kami! All he has on is a pair of black sweats!  Did I just walk in on him masturbating? }
Trunks looked up when he heard the sticky sound Pan made with her bare feet.  He saw the shocked look on her face and flushed.
ď I. . . Iím sorry.  I can see that your, uh. . . busy with yourself.  I didnít mean to walk in. ď Pan stammered.  She was trying hard not to stare at his muscular body.  The apples of her cheeks turned pink.
 { Good, sheís staring at me.  I knew I wasnít fat. }
ď You got a good look? ď  Trunks said confidently.
Panís head snapped up at that remark.  { Is he nuts?  He just asked me if I got a good look at him. . . eeeewwww feeling himself up? }
ď You pervert! ď  Pan screamed.
ď Nandeyo?  Pervert???  You were the one staring at me!  Youíre the pervert! ď
ď I wasnít staring!  Iíve never walked in on someone masturbating!  Itís not something I see everyday! ď
ď Masturbating????  You thought I was masturbating????  I was just checking if my muscles got soft! ď  Trunks yelled back.
ď Nani?  Thatís almost as bad.  You were checking yourself out! ď
ď You seemed to be enjoying it. ď  Trunks sneered as he studied her appearance.  He folded his arms across his chest like Vegeta would, and allowed his eyes to wander.  Pan was dressed in a short, flowery, white tank and loose gray sweatpants that hung on her hips, exposing her entire midriff.  The sweatpants were rolled up just a little at the bottom to show her delicate ankles.  The pajamas showed off her curvy waist and cream-colored well proportioned body. Her physique was toned from years of training.
Her long, layered, soft black hair was parted and reached the middle of her back.  Pan had dyed auburn and caramel highlights in it so that it would reflect the profound amber and gold flecks in her ebony eyes.  Her bangs, which were swept to the side, framed her slightly full, yet angular face.  Panís button nose and small, full rosy lips made her look a year younger than her actual age.  He seemed amused as he saw her blush under his gaze.     { Iíve never seen Meen Bow Toe wití her hair down like that.  She actually looks cute. }
  { How long is he going to watch me like that? }
ď Psss. . . Dumber, are you done examining me yet?  Iím thirsty. Iíd like to get a drink sometime this century. ď  Pan snorted.  Her hands rested on her hips as she raised one eyebrow in inquiry.
ď Here. ď  Trunks muttered as he handed her a glass of apple juice on the table.
ď Iím gonna go play some videogames when I finish eating and drop my clothes off in the hamper, you wanna come? ď
ď Aa.  I donít have anything better to do. ď
Trunks started to gather his clothes when something caught his eye.
ď Son Pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Iím gonna kill you!!!!!!!!!!!! ď  Trunks howled.  He held up the black pants he wore that night.  It had a disgusting glob of brown on it.  Pan put her hand over her mouth to muffle her giggles.
ď You brought this on yourself Dumber.  Youíre the one who poured soda all over my pants! ď
ď I did it by accident.  I wanted to see if my cup was empty.  I didnít know your legs were there. ď
Pan yelped when he dove in and tickled her.  It caused her arms to move about, which spilled juice on Trunks.  His hair became matted and juice dripped onto his chest.  She bit her lip to keep herself from laughing even harder.
ď Great, I just took a shower.  Meet me in the rec room.  Iíll be there in ten minutes after I take another quick shower. Ē
ď Demo. . . Donít you want some extra time to see if your muscles got soft? ď  Pan teased.  He snarled at her and turned his back.
 Meanwhile. . . Goten found Bra waiting for him in the TV room.  He smiled at the sight of her.  She wore a sea green nightgown that had pictures of faded pink orchids all over it.  It fit her curvy body perfectly, and bared her legs.  The sea green color seemed to complement her long, now blue hair and pale skin. Her bangs covered her forehead and were right above her crystal blue eyes, which sparkled with excitement.
 ď Bra-chan?  Have you been waiting long? ď
 ď Iie.  I just got here myself.  Did you have enough time to think about everything?Ē
 ď I did.  What I said before about not feeling obligated to impress you, I didnít mean you werenít important to me.  I meant I feel comfortable when Iím around you. ď
ď I know.  I shouldnít have ignored you like that.  Please, go on. ď
Bra insisted.
ď Ok, I never realized these strong feelings I have for you.  But I have to warn you I can act stupid sometimes.  All the girls Iíve been out with were airheads, it didnít matter to them what I said or did.  Iím afraid I might hurt you without even knowing. ď
 Bra went over and hugged a surprised Goten.
 ď Itís ok.  Whatever happens, weíll talk about it, ne? ď  She whispered.
 In response, Goten put his arms around her and tightened his grip.
 ď Hai.  Weíll talk about everything. ď
 { Whatís taking Trunks so long?  He didnít take my remark about checking his muscles again, seriously did he?  Who knows?  Guys can be such fools sometimes. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! }
What was that?  Pan found Trunks behind her laughing with some ice cubes in his left hand.
 ď  Dumber!!!!!!!  What the hell did you do that for? ď
 ď  I couldnít help it.  I was in the kitchen getting some food, when I saw the ice machine and the idea just hit me.  You must be feeling pretty hot in those sweatpants to roll them up like that.  You know what I caring guy I am, so I decided to help cool you off. ď
 Pan growled at Trunks.
 ď  My sweats are rolled up because I like them that way you twit! ď
 ď Sumimasen.  I was only trying to help.  ď
 ď Oh sure, helping yourself have a good laugh. Are we gonna play or what? ď
 Trunks set his tray down on the table against the wall and sat down in a chair.  He pulled out the chair next to him and motioned for Pan to sit there.
 ď I wanna finish my sandwiches first.  You want some? ď
Pan walked over to him, but didnít sit down.
ď No thanks. I canít believe your still hungry after you ate all that food before. Hand me some napkins.  I need to wipe off this water trail you left on my back. ď
Trunks chuckled to himself.  { She looks funny like that.  Maybe I should help her get the water off.  She might break her arm and Iíll never hear the end of it. }
ď Come here. ď  Trunks ordered.
ď Doushite?  Canít you see that Iím doing something? ď
ď I can see that.  You donít seem to be getting anywhere.  Let me help you. ď
Pan was stunned.  { He wants to help me?  That means his hands would be going up and down my back.  Woah!  I canít handle that. }
ď Oh thatís ok.  I can use my chi on the napkin and get it to do the rest. ď
ď Donít be stupid.  Youíre not experienced enough to control something without looking at it.  I canít even do that.  Look Iím not gonna do anything to you, alright?  See, my hands are clean. ď
Trunks got up and held out his hands for her to see.  Realizing that she had no other choice, Pan nodded.  She turned her back to him and gave him the napkin.  Trunks swept her hair to one side and cleaned the area between her shoulder blades.  He reached down and pulled her shirt up a little in order to wipe the rest of her back.  Pan shut her eyes and bit the back of her hand to keep herself from making any unnecessary sounds.  She tried to prevent herself from trembling, but couldnít control her body after feeling the warmth of his touch.
ď There, all done.  I told you I wouldnít play any more jokes on you. I didnít think the ice cubes would be that cold.  Your cheeks are red, and youíre shivering. ď
Trunksís face wrinkled in worry.  He ran his hands up and down her arm in an attempt to keep her warm. { Thank Kami guys are so stupid. My cheeks are red Ďcuz Iím blushing, not Ďcuz Iím cold.  What a baka!  Doesnít he know heís making me blush even harder by doing that? }
ď N. . .n. . . no.  No, Iím fine, thanks. ď  Pan said with her head bent to hide her crimson cheeks.
ď Youíre still shivering.Ē  Trunks pointed out.
ď No really.  Daijoubu. Why donít you go and finish your sandwiches before they spoil.Ē
Trunks lifted her chin up with his fingers.
ď Iím gonna go get you a blanket.  Donít give me that no Iím fine stuff.  ĎCuz youíre not.  Iíll be right back. ď
Pan nodded in defeat.  She knew he wouldnít let the issue go unless he won.  { That bakayaro!  Iím not cold!  Great, I feel as hot as ever and I have to pretend Iím freezing my ass off.  At least when heís gone itíll give me some time to cool off. }
Trunks came back with a blue blanket and draped it over her shoulders.  Pan immediately recognized the scent it carried and instinctively pulled it closer.
ď This smells like food and cologne.  It has to be yours.  Iíll bet anything you eat in your bed too. ď
ď So what if I do?  At least I donít look like food, Meen Bow Toe! ď
ď Oh thatís right, looking like a greaseball is better. ď
ď Oi!  I slick my hair back Ďcuz I have too!  It makes me look older.  Being president of a major corporation requires me to do that ya know. ď
ď Donít you mean your mother requires you to? ď
Pan asked raising one eyebrow.  Trunks mumbled something as he wolfed down his sandwich.  Pan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  { Mmmm. . . too bad I canít keep this.  It smells so much like him.  I wonder what it would feel if he held me like this? Chickusho!  I shouldnít be thinking about these things with him in the room!  Iím getting sloppy.  If I didnít bite my hand before, I couldíve embarrassed myself. } Opening her eyes she glanced at Trunks eating and smiled silently.  {I canít risk that.  There would be this weird tension between us and weíd end up avoiding eachother completely.  If and when I tell him, I want it to be under the right circumstances.  Not because I lose control when he touches me. }
ď Dumber? ď
Trunks stopped his munching and swallowed.
ď I donít feel like playing anymore.  Letís do something else. ď
ď Like what? ď
ď Fly around.  Itís really late.  Nobody would see us. ď
He thought about her proposal and smirked.
ď How about a race?  Think you can handle it? ď
ď I donít feel like it.  I just took a shower. ď
{ Meen Bow Toe turned down a race?  She has to be sick to do that!  Maybe I shouldnít have put those ice cubes down her back. }
ď Nodze?  What else can we do? Just flying is boring. ď
ď Sou da ne. Hmmm. . . Letís go spy on Bra and Tweedle Dumb! Did he tell you what happened at the movies? ď
ď Aa.  Masaka!  Imoutochan and Goten? ď
ď I know.  But sheís been in love with him for a while now. Itís just weird that she suddenly tells him how she feels. I didnít think she had the guts too. ď
ď I thought she just had a school girl crush on him.  Guess I was wrong. ď
Pan smiled mischievously.
ď Which is why we should  check up on them, just in case they need emotional support. ď
 Trunks gave her a sneer.
 ď Yeah sure, emotional support. ď